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    Girl attacked by Hawk at Fenway Park


    This is a bit unusual. The girl is okay. It's odd also how close her name is to a player on the other team just by coincidence.

    ETA-- for those who don't know baseball, the player's name is Alex Rodriguez.

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    Wow, that is really bizzare. I can see all kinds of interesting baseball tales about this incident, not just the similiarity with names. Wonder if the hawk will reappear for the Red Sox home opener tomorrow.

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    Lil A-Rod. I'm glad she is O.K. Let's see. They play the Yankees at home next week. Maybe it will take the heat off last years A-Rod episode. Definately some kind of curse gonna come out of this.

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    Last night my hubby called my daughter over to the puter and I heard him ask her if this brought back any memories. He'd found this story on another site.

    We had a high school function and whle we were waiting on the busses to load, I took YDD and YSS over to the nearby convenience store. We were dropping trash into the bin as we walked up to the store. YSS was right ahead of me, and YDD behind. I heard her squeal and at first I thought she was laughing. We turned to see her trying to protect her head with her arms and a HAWK hovering over her head! When we all yelled it flew off.

    Bless her heart. . . she didn't even cry. Just shook a little. The hawk was someone's pet as it had a string hanging from its leg and bells on. That's what was weird. . . hearing the bells jangling in the middle of the assault. She didn't need any stitiches, and luckily we had the school nurse right across the street who was going along on the school trip. YDD got scratched up pretty darn good. The husband of that nurse is a teacher too, and picks on her about it once in a while, and it's actually become a giggle now. . . we tell her to duck when we walk into that convenience store.

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    Darn, all Red Sox fans are just rude, even the winged ones.

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