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    UK - Gillian Carr, 6, Ross-on-Wye England, 1973 *A. Carr guilty*

    I can't find much about Gillian, she's not listed on any missing persons websites, but here's what I have found:

    -Gillian was born on September 22, 1966, in Pembrokeshire.

    -She disappeared sometime between February 1973 and December 1975.

    -Her father, Arthur George Carr, has been convicted of manslaughter for her death, although no body has been found.

    That's about it. No photos, no physical description. I'll post some articles in the next few posts...

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    Herefordshire | Archive | 2002 | July | 11
    Ross man denies 1970s murder of own daughter

    From the archive, first published Thursday 11th Jul 2002.
    A ROSS-ON-WYE man has been charged with the murder of his young daughter 30 years ago.
    Arthur George Carr, aged 60, of Nursery Road, pleaded not guilty at Hereford Magistrates Court yesterday to the murder of Gillian Maria Carr, sometime between February 1973 and December 1975.
    A body has not been found.
    Gillian was born on September 22, 1966, in Pembrokeshire.
    The Carr family was living in Camp Road in Ross at the time of the alleged murder.
    Carr also denied a charge that he attempted to pervert the Herefordshire coroner from holding an inquest in the view that Gillian had died.
    Packed courtroom
    He also denied nine counts of rape and three assaults.
    Carr, who is currently unemployed, remained seated throughout the half-hour hearing in packed Courtroom Three at Hereford.
    He was represented by Hereford solicitor Anthony Weston.
    Prosecuting on behalf of the Crown was Julian Harris.
    Chairman of the bench Gillian Sevenoaks remanded Carr in custody to appear at Worcester Crown Court on Friday, July 19.
    He was led from the court handcuffed to two security guards. Reporting restrictions were not lifted.
    Archive Home
    From the archive
    Newsquest Media Group 2002

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    Saturday, 20 July, 2002, 10:58 GMT 11:58 UK
    Police dig for missing girl

    The search of a garden for the body of a girl missing for 30 years is expected to take at least five days.

    Police started searching in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, on Friday for the remains of Gillian Carr who disappeared in the mid-1970s.
    Her father, Arthur George Carr, was charged with her murder last week and appeared for the first time at Worcester Crown Court on Friday.
    West Mercia Police is searching at an address in Purland, Ross-on-Wye, where the Carr family lived before Gillian's disappearance.

    Major investigation

    The work is being carried out under the guidance of an archaeologist from Birmingham University.

    A police spokesman said: "As part of inquiries to trace Gillian, police are carrying out a detailed search of the garden at 1, Purland.
    "Gillian is believed to have lived with her family at this address in the early 1970s."
    Mr Carr, 60, of Nursery Road, Ross-on-Wye, is also charged with offences of rape and assault.
    The prosecution alleges that Gillian Carr was murdered between February 1973 and December 1975. Mr Carr was remanded in custody until 18 October, during a hearing at Worcester Crown Court.

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    Police end house search

    From the archive, first published Thursday 1st Aug 2002.
    DETECTIVES searching for the body of Gillian Carr are considering their next move after calling off a search inside a house at No 1 Purland, Ross-on-Wye.
    A detailed search headed by forensic experts failed to find a trace of the young girl, born in 1966, who police believe went missing between 1973 and 1975.

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    Herefordshire | Archive | 2004 | April | 8
    Child-killer can fight conviction

    From the archive, first published Thursday 8th Apr 2004.
    A HEREFORDSHIRE father put behind bars for killing his young daughter many years ago - despite her body never being found - has been given permission to challenge his conviction.
    Arthur George Carr, aged 62, of Nursery Road, Ross-on-Wye, was jailed for nine years at Hereford Crown Court. He was charged with murder but found guilty, in May last year, of the manslaughter of Gillian Maria Carr some time between 1973 and 1975.
    London's Criminal Appeal Court has granted Carr permission to challenge his conviction.
    Lord Justice Kay, sitting with Mr Justice Eady and Mr Justice Royce, referred to concerns that the jury may have had information they ought not to have known. This related to a different case, where Carr was accused of raping a girl.
    Referring to the murder trial, Lord Justice Kay said the circumstances of the case and the way the trial took place were `unusual'.
    "The allegation was that, a long time ago, Carr had killed his young daughter. She had, so far as the Crown had established, effectively disappeared off the face of the earth."
    Son, Vincent Carr, gave evidence that, when he was 18 or 19, he overheard a conversation between his parents in which the killing of the child was admitted.
    Lord Justice Kay said two events occurred during the trial which raised concerns - and these were now `linked' by a statement from a prospective juror, who did not in fact serve on the jury.
    The first event related to one of the serving jurors - during the trial - going to a local newspaper office and seeking information about the case.
    In particular, she had sought details of the circumstances in which the case had been transferred from another court.
    The un-related rape case was at the other court.
    The second matter involved a notice to the media, which was placed outside the courtroom in Hereford where the murder trial was being held.
    The notice referred to the judge's order banning publication of the case, as it was said it may have prejudiced the other hearing.
    Carr's QC, Lord Thomas of Gresford, told the Appeal Court the notice specifically made reference to the fact that the other case involved rape charges.
    "Hereford is one of those crown courts where, because of its age, the facilities for juries are not as good as they are in modern courts," Lord Justice Kay said.
    Because of the building layout, there was a chance jurors could have seen the notice.
    Finally, he referred to a statement obtained on behalf of Carr from a woman who was on the jury panel at Hereford at the time, but who was not on the Carr jury.
    She said she heard about the Carr murder trial and spoke to other jurors about it. She said they became aware that he was also accused of rape.
    The judge said it was quite clear, due to the layout of the court building and access to potential jurors, there was information available which ought not to be going to any juror.
    "There is no evidence any juror received that information, but we are worried by the fact that one of the matters discussed was the transfer of the case to Hereford," Lord Justice Kay said.
    Archive Home
    From the archive
    Newsquest Media Group 2004

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    I could only get part of the following article:

    Birmingham Post
    No retrial for dad accused of killing daughter
    Edition: FIRST
    Section: News

    A 63-year-old man who was accused of killing his daughter and dumping her body in a river in the early 1970s will not face a retrial.

    Arthur George Carr was cleared of murder but convicted of the manslaughter of Gillian Maria Carr at Hereford Crown Court in May 2003 and jailed for nine years.
    But following an appeal in January this year, the conviction was set aside on the grounds that some members of the jury were aware that Carr faced separate rape charges elsewhere.

    The prosecution decided not to pursue the manslaughter retrial after the former pipe-fitter, from Ross-on-Wye, ...

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    Wednesday, 10 July, 2002, 15:11 GMT 16:11 UK
    Man charged with daughter's murder

    A 60-year-old man has been charged with murdering his young daughter more than 20 years ago.

    Arthur Carr, from Ross on Wye, is also charged with eight counts of rape and offences of assault, not all relating to his daughter.
    The girl, Gillian Carr, was allegedly murdered sometime between February 1973 and December 1975.
    Gillian, who was born in September 1966, was not reported missing when she died and the alleged crime only came to light a week ago.
    Mr Carr appeared before magistrates in Hereford on Wednesday and has been remanded in custody.
    He is due to appear at Worcester Crown Court on 19 July. Police have now begun what they describe as a "major investigation" and are concentrating on finding Gillian's body.

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