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    OK, I'll admit it ... I cried.

    I can't imagine how exciting it was for this girl to find out it was her father, who was the speaker back from Iraq for a surprise visit.


    When the announcement came over the PA system that all eighth-grade classes were to report to the gym for an assembly, Kaitlyn Cavanagh braced herself for another motivational speaker.

    What she and her eighth-grade classmates got was exactly that -- except this motivational speaker was Kaitlyn's father, Army Master Sgt. Bill Cavanagh, back for a brief surprise visit from his base in Iraq.

    Kaitlyn, who had been sitting in the front row of the bleachers, ran up to her father and embraced him for the first time since he left for Iraq in July 2007.

    "I'm just very happy to see my dad," Kaitlyn said. "I thought it was just going to be another assembly."

    The moment was an uplifting epilogue to a trying year for Kaitlyn. Before her father was sent to Iraq, Kaitlyn's townhouse in Gilberts burned down in the January 2007 fire that claimed the life of neighbor Karyn Pearson.

    After the tearful father-daughter reunion, Cavanagh talked about his service with the eighth-grade class and answered questions about his life as a soldier in Iraq.

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    That was a tear jerker but a wonderful surprise for her.

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