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    Exclamation Humans vs. Zombies. Play guns can bring in real guns.Players asked to notify police

    Cick below for link.

    Dearest fellow Websleuthers,
    Players of this game are being urged to notify their local police department when they engage in this game. The toy guns they are using look just like real weaponry.
    Here is a link that encourages college students to sign up online;
    The game has been played in public and it is a saftey concern.


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    Hi D_S!

    I thought there was a federal law that any play gun (water etc) had to have a bright orange painted tip so people would know they were play guns. Now, BB guns I wouldn't know about. What idiots let their kids play this game? I guess if they are college students they can do about anything on campus w/o their parents knowing or being able to do anything about it.

    Geez, one would think waving a gun around a college campus nowadays would be quite dangerous to the gunholder.

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    I don't know anything about the "Zombie" game, but I know some teens around here are into air guns. They shoot cans and play 'tag' (but don't call it the "Zombie" game) on their own property. I think it gives them something to do...they're too old for toys, bored with video games and not into the mall or party scene. At least, the ones I know of are good kids. My oldest wanted one, but I just can't do it. The risk is too high (even on private property, IMO) and I'm not a fan of guns (real or otherwise).

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    My 13yo son wants an airsoft gun so badly! Many of his friends have one and play with them all the time, but we just can't do it. My husband has said this very thing right from the start - that it is too dangerous if LE or a concerned citizen with a gun doesn't realize it is a toy.

    The scary thing is that this is AirSoft's bragging point - that it looks and feels just like a real gun except for the orange tip. BUT they do point out that it can be removed (they are not liable) or painted black.

    Apparently even some airport security officers and LE cannot always tell the difference if the tip is removed. I wonder how long it will be before a child is shot by LE b/c they think he is shooting at another child.

    We already had 2 kids expelled for bringing these to school - they didn't have them out, but were at a school dance and were going to sleep at a friend's house after and play AirSoft the next day. Unfortunately they couldn't resist the urge to show them off and a teacher caught them, so they were expelled. Such a shame - two really good kids. But I can't blame the school either.

    ETA: We also have neighbor kids into this - unfortunately not as nice as yours. They think it is fun to shoot at pets, wild animals, and younger kids who, of course, have no protective eye gear on. They have been warned to stay away from my house!

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