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    TN - Jennifer Wix, 22, & Adrianna Wix, 2, Cross Plains, 24 March 2004 - #1

    Robertson County sheriff's officials are searching for Jennifer Wix, 22, and her daughter, Adrianna, 2, who were reported missing by their family on Saturday.

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    Kathy Holloway is on a mission. She has taken a leave of absence from a full-time job to find her missing daughter and granddaughter.

    Holloway travels daily around Robertson County, looking for any sign of Jennifer Wix, 22, and 2-year-old Adrianna, who have been missing since March 24 from their Cross Plains home

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    Team Amber Alert

    Alert Police need help locating missing 2 year old and 22 year old
    Springfeild TN Robertson County sheriff's officials are searching for Jennifer Wix, 22, and her daughter, Adrianna, 2, who were reported missing by their family

    Her mother, Kathy Holloway, told authorities that she hasn't heard from or seen her daughter and fears something serious has happened

    We need to help this family bring their loved one's home

    You Can Learn More By Visiting The Web Siite

    Jennifer Adrianna wix web site

    no amber alert was ever issued police at the time didnt believe foul play was involved Wix is very close to her family and is known for staying in constant contact with them.

    'This is completely out of character for her not to call anybody in the family said Lisa Robertson, Wix's aunt. ''She calls several times a day and talks to some of us. I knew something was wrong when she didn't call.''

    Her boyfriend told the family that he and Jenn had argued on Thursday evening and that he took her to the interstate exit nearby, (I-65 N exit 112). He told them that she asked him to leave but he decided to pull across the street and make sure she was meeting someone.

    She waited for five or ten minutes and then got into the backseat of a white four door car. He was very vague in the description of the automobile and said he did not see the person in the car or which direction they went.

    He stated that Jennifer returned to his home on Friday afternoon, without Adrianna driving the car she had gotten into the night before for her income tax return that was to be in that day. His parents were not home to give her the money so she left and said she would return on Saturday to get it.

    It is not known if she returned to get it.. On Saturday, March 27, 2004 when she did not return her family reported Jennifer and Adrianna missing. Jennifer has no car, no money, and did not take any clothes or personal items with her. There is an open police investigation and the detectives suspect no foul play.

    Jennifer, 22 years ago today I waited with great expectation to meet the love of my life. You have been my love ever since. The day you came into my life was the most woderful day

    You were a joy and have continued to be ever since. This year seems very odd not having you here with me. Where ever you are today please know that you will always be that innocent baby to me that I held 22 short years ago.

    I love you sweetheart, Happy Birthday. Mom August 14, 2004 - We have had no word of Jennifer and Adrianna. They are still lost in the world. Please continue to watch for them and pray for their safe return home.

    Adrianna was born on January 14, 2002. she has been a blessing since that day. She has short legs, brown hair, and bright blue eyes. She has a birthmark on her thigh.

    When she learned to talk she could not pronounce her name, so she named herself Nina. She is very funny and smart, a joy to be around. She is a friendly baby and always smiles.

    Adrianna, Mimi loves you sweetheart, be brave, watch over Mommy and hopefully we will see each other again soon. Your Aunt Casey and Aunt Heather miss you badly and say a prayer for you everyday. Everyone sends you big hugs and kisses where ever you are tonight.

    jennifer wix born aug 16,1982 she is a female white with brown hair and brown eyes.height is 5'4 weight 130 pounds.

    15,000 Reward Offered For their safe return. if you have any information please contact the Robertson County Sheriff's Office Tennessee 1-615-384-7971


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    How sad....likely it's the boyfriend...he was the last one to see them alive. What is it with these men???? If anything ever happens to my husband, God forbid, I'm becoming a nun or something.

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    i agree, the boyfriend dropped them off at a gas station but he can't remember which one? come on! is he adrianna's father?

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    His story changed several times more, the report said. He told authorities that Wix left his house at 6681 Owens Chapel Road in a white, four-door Ford Mustang or a white, four-door Chevrolet Camaro.
    I don't want to break it to this guy, but, I've never in my life seen or heard of a 4 door mustang or a 4 door camaro (and my husband's family run an auto body shop!).....

    I hope the family has some peace, soon.

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    knale is offline Verified insider - Jennifer & Adrianna Wix case
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    Exclamation Jennifer's Birthday

    Hi all,

    Jennifer's Birthday :HappyBday was this past Monday the 16th. We had a gathering in celebration of her and did get media coverage. Anyone interested can go to websites for Robertson County Times, WSMV Nashville, and WKRN Nashville. Thank you for keeping the girls on the board!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly
    There is an open police investigation and the detectives suspect no foul play.
    The boyfriend and she "had a fight", she got out of the car somewhere and has some vague story about her going off with someone and the detectives dont' suspect foul play?

    That boyfriend sounds rather foul to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kholloway
    Hi all,

    Jennifer's Birthday :HappyBday was this past Monday the 16th. We had a gathering in celebration of her and did get media coverage. Anyone interested can go to websites for Robertson County Times, WSMV Nashville, and WKRN Nashville. Thank you for keeping the girls on the board!!
    Kathy, I am so sorry you don't have your daughter and granddaughter or resolution to their dissapearance. You are doing what you can, just don't let anyone forget they are missing. Ask for help to anyone who will listen. Take care.

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    Hey, just wanted to paste the link for Adrianna and jennifers site.........


    I hope they're okay.........

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    Native Texan, In Germany

    Missing almost 5 months.

    With HOPE, Lanie

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    There will be a meeting this Sunday, August 22 at 2pm at the White House TN police department meeting room for anyone interested in helping the family formulate a game plan for locating these girls.


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    Please Help Kathy

    Mother of missing woman asks public to help

    Cheryl Tatum
    Senior Writer
    The family of a missing Robertson County woman made a cry for help from the public yesterday at the White House Police Department.

    The last time a family member of Jennifer Wix heard from the 2000 White House High School graduate was Friday, March 26, 2004.

    Jennifer, 22, and her 2-year-old daughter, Adrianna, are now among the 1,440 persons nationwide who are listed as missing every day.

    In the last five months, Jennifer’s Robertson County family has spent most of their waking hours looking for their missing children, posting flyers, handing out buttons, traveling the back roads of Robertson and Sumner counties and even going as far away as Missouri when rumors had to be checked out.

    But, Jennifer’s mother and Adrianna’s grandmother Kathy Casey Holloway, said they can’t continue the search alone — they need help.

    “We need to broaden our search. We have done what we can as a family. We need to keep the girls in the media, we need to keep their names and faces out there. We simply need help,” Holloway told a group of about 20 who gathered Sunday.

    Helping to organize the meeting was Lynda Uldrich, a friend of Holloway’s when they were in high school together.

    Uldrich said the first time she saw Holloway since high school was when she was being interviewed on television about Jennifer and Adrianna’s disappearance.

    Since that time she has been one of a group of volunteers trying to help family members cope.

    Since Jennifer was listed as missing with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department, Holloway said there have been no leads.

    The last time she was seen, according to the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department was on Thursday, March 25 in Cross Plains.

    Holloway said she talked to her daughter on that Thursday while she was at the home of her boyfriend and his family.

    “She was upset, and I offered to come and get her, but she felt she could handle the situation,” Holloway said.

    On Friday, Jennifer talked to both her sister and father also indicating a problem. That was the last time anyone from her family has heard from the young woman.

    At the time of her disappearance, Holloway said her impression is that the attitude of many people was that her daughter had just run away, and there was no real reason for concern.

    “That’s just out of character for her,” Holloway said. “She spoke to a family member on a daily basis and now no one has heard from her in five months.”

    In fact, Holloway said Jennifer is dependent on family members for everything from running errands to being a sounding board.

    “You don’t go from being that dependent to being independent with no contact in one day,” her mother said.

    What the family is asking for is volunteers to scour Robertson County and a 20-mile radius around Jennifer’s home county and make sure her picture and Adrianna’s are everywhere.

    “Our goal is to make Robertson County and the 20-mile radius a big pie and to cut that pie into sections,” said Jennifer’s sister and Adrianna’s aunt, Lisa Robertson.

    For each one of those pie sections Robertson wants a team leader with volunteers to talk to their neighbors and post flyers.

    “We want to make sure there is a flyer in every window, everywhere that it is legal to post them. We want people who are dedicated to making sure these children do not fall through the cracks,” she said.

    “People don’t disappear,” Robertson added. “They don’t vanish. Dead or alive every missing person is somewhere and they deserve to be found.”

    Statistics show every 40 seconds someone goes missing, said Shelley Brown, a family friend and the head of the Child Seek Network in this area.

    “That’s 1,440 persons a day. And while most are found quickly, some are not,” Brown said.

    While the Amber alert has been a godsend when it is used, Brown said the criteria for an Amber alert hurts the search for some missing persons.

    “If you don’t meet the criteria, you are simply missing,” Brown said.

    Jennifer and Adrianna’s family said they will continue to search for their loved ones — and they hope others will join the effort.

    Persons wanting information and contact numbers to help in the search for Jennifer and Adrianna can go to the Web site: www.missingwixchildren@homestead.com.

    Contributions to help fund the search may be made to the Bank of America, Kathy Casey Holloway Missing Wix Children Fund.

    “I’m trying to be a mother, a wife, an employee and a detective. I just can’t do it alone,” Holloway said.


    My Note: These beautiful girls are also on our Adopt a Missing Person program. One way you can help is by displaying their button. Please see:

    Thank you!


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    as spoted1 said, there isn't any 4 door camaros or mustangs, the boyfriend when ask by police of the type of car that she got into was the camaro and then it was a mustang? and then he finally settled on a grand-am. I visited the area yesterday, in order for him to drop her off at this exxon station which is at the entrance ramp to I-65 and hwy. 25 he would have driven right by her moms house which sets only 30 or 40 feet off of hwy 25, in fact there driveway connects to hwy 25. just ain't something clear on his story. he said the next day that she came to his house to get the car seat for the 2year old child and the diaper bag. seems to me that if she knew that she was going some where that those two items would be standard travel issues for her to have taken on the night that he said he took her up to the exxon station in the first place. a young girl that works up at the exxon station knows jennifer, in fact she went to school with her, and she was working that night, when ask she said she did not see her there at all that night or her boyfriend. when this info was given to the police all they said is that she might have been " mistaken" unlikely as far as I see. there is something fishy going on with the police, two of the investigating officers have been relieved of there jobs because of the statements they made on the report. this boyfriend at one time has had at least 9 indictments against him for other crimes not related to this one and got cleared on all of it and " walked " we are trying to get a search team assembled soon, there haven't been a large amount of people thus far to offer help. this family needs people who will volunteer some professional assistant such as two divers to search two different rock quarrys that are in the vacinity, maybe a helecopter pilot that would be willing to fly over the property for aireal photos of the boyfriends mom and dads 80 acres of farm land, the same land that the boyfriend and jennifer lived on. and someone to offer private investigator work.

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    Thank you for helping Kathy & family. As a matter of fact, I do know someone to recommend to them. I know Kathy has/had a PI, but perhaps that person has proven to be ineffective. We have not talked about that for awhile.

    Thank you for taking action for this family.


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