A New Jersey indie rock band got some unwanted exposure after two members were arrested and jailed in Pulaski for allegedly mooning motorists on Interstate 81.

The arrest came after an offended motorist followed the band's van for more than half an hour and then pressed charges.

The members of Scream! Hello , who are from New Brunswick, N.J., and play a style of music described by singer James Caverly as a "energetic indie rock," were on the way to a gig March 12 at the Fine Arts Center Annex in Pulaski.

The horseplay started when one member pulled down his pants to pass gas on the others, Caverly said. In retaliation, Caverly, 22, said he did the same.

"I don't even think my butt was exposed," Caverly said. "It was pressed against the dashboard the whole time."

Cpl. Anthony Stone, 29, was heading home to Bristol, Tenn., on weekend leave from duty in the U.S. Army National Guard at Fort Lee. In a complaint filed with the Pulaski Police Department, Stone said that as the band's Econoline van passed him just inside the Pulaski County line, Caverly was standing up with his bare bottom showing in the window. He also mooned another car, Stone said.

"I know they were doing it on purpose," Stone said. "The gentleman did it three times and was laughing when they passed me." Stone called 911 to report the incident and was transferred several times before being connected with the Pulaski Police Department. He followed the van off xit 94 and into Pulaski. In all, Stone followed the band for about 40 minutes before a police officer arrived.