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    Gary Hilton: 'I'm A Sociopath' : Video

    Gary Hilton admitted to Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents what most Georgians already assumed -- the calculating killer was a loner detached from almost everything.

    ďIím a sociopath man. Iím what they call an anti-social,Ē Hilton told GBI agents.

    For the first time, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has allowed Channel 2 access to its entire case against Hilton, who is serving a life sentence for murdering hiker Meredith Emerson.

    Channel 2ís Jodie Fleischer spent the day going through four hours of interviews with Hilton right after his guilty plea in the Emerson case.

    The tape is different from past tapes. First, because itís video you can see Hiltonís movements and what gets him worked up. But also because it doesnít completely focus on the Emerson murder Ė it instead shows how agents were trying to use Hilton to uncover information in other murders, including the three heís already suspected of and any others that may still be unsolved.


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    Well, shoot, the article is basically the same as the video information-wise. I want to see it all and hate when media edits these things.

    He's got that very-open body posture and I can see how he probably befriended his victims before they realize he's psycho.

    Thanks for the link, Christine.

    Too bad they just can't send him to SuperMax for the helluva it.

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    Someone from Meredith's family, her mother, I think, said Meredith died so that others could live. I really believe that after watching this video.

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    He needs to be put to death in the same manner as he took the life of who knows how many people. The exact same manner. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Too bad that is not how our wonderful justice system works. Perhaps if it did, there would be less stories like these.

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    It's interesting that he himself states that he is a sociopath. It's almost as if he says it to reassure himself that he is one. I am thinking of course he is a sociopath, however he was "made" one as opposed to being born one.
    "The cure for crime is not the electric chair, but the high chair."

    -J. Edgar Hoover

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    Question Crazy is as crazy does and liars always lie.


    Hello WS

    I have been doing some reading around the web on the subject of sociopath(s). I have been reading about them for a few years now. I never knew sociopaths could be self aware, I didn't know they could know they are a sociopath. But apparently I am very wrong, not only do they know they exhibit sociopathic behavior but they seem to think it is superior in some way. They seem to think...but not make any sense.

    The link I have included above is to a site where the author claims to (maybe)be a sociopath and provides answers to questions regarding sociopaths. There is much discussion about being a sociopath verses not being one, what is called being a "empath". After reading I was left with the feeling this person and people like them are something different from a sociopath...but disturbing nonetheless.

    It is hard to understand people who would say they lie and deceive and believe it is just part of who they are, who they like to be. I have always said that the worst thing about "evil" people or "bad" people(amoral people?)is that they like to act like they are good people. I wouldn't mind the bad guys so much if it was like in the movies where you know who the bad guys are. Do people such as this "know not what they do?" Or are they just as in control of their free will as us "empaths" or what I like to call normal flawed human beings who make mistakes but are sorry and strive to be better and improve? Because if you willingly admit you have this kind of mind/heart/soul ...well I don't know what to think! Why would people speak like this if they didn't think all these things they post? To have a whole site dedicated to explaining it all?

    I am afraid of sounding insulting but what do you say about people who claim to be amoral? By nature. I am human I have been amoral but it is not my nature to be so-it is my burden that I strive to overcome. The claims of the sociopathic seem to be the exact opposite.

    What do you do with a self proclaimed sociopath? A self professed liar? By their own admission what they claim should be taken as suspect at best and a lie at the least. So, if a liar says they are a liar are they telling the truth? And, if a person says they are a sociopath and part of that is being a liar, then it does not matter what they tell you about being a sociopath-it is probably a lie.

    What makes me believe I am reading the thoughts of a sociopath the most is, how what they have to say goes no where and twists back on itself to be a contradiction of what they claim to be true. Example: the subject of love. Which the author claims that sociopaths don't love, but the love they give is superior because a sociopath knows how too look into "you" and as a "empath/non sociopath" you like being known like that-some of the information shared claims it is the need of the normal person to be loved in that way that makes it hard for them to break up.

    I figured out my anger at the ideas presented at the site, it is the opposite of WS: it is a non victim's advocate site. It is like the author and those who's comments support their behavior are saying it is other people's fault if they get hurt by a sociopath being a sociopath. From what I had read, the sociopath finds themselves even superior to the narcissist whom they feel is self deluded about what they are, that the sociopath is superior because they know they are a sociopath while the narcissist lies to themselves so they can think of themselves as a good person.

    I would just ramble on and on trying express what I felt in reading this material but what I am hoping for is that someone else will check this out and maybe bring me some clarity on the subject. It would be cool if anyone else wanted to take a look and share some thoughts. The subject of sociopaths is interesting to me as a explanation for some of the ills of the world, some of man's inhumanity to man. As a humanitarian I do not enjoy nor subscribe to the point of view that any problems of humanity can be solved by being blamed on any group of any kind. Smacks too much of witch hunting.

    But! As with this website and the subject of this thread, there are those individuals who identify with the label "sociopath" and speak from that place. So, it is in that spirit that I offer the link. Not as a "hey, come and see this sociopath" but that this site is designed to make that claim itself.

    ...js...(just sleuthing)
    John 14:6

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