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I don't see how it not illegal to be in direct communication with a person on the run! Maybe this loophole in the law needs to be changed.

For a person charged with such a crime to be able to gather information on the home front in reference to LE, media, family members, logistics, etc. should not be allowed, imo. So what if she told him she could not send money online? Does this mean she did not arrange privately with others to do so? Is it right for her to be able to provide him with information on his status?

I am at a loss to see how this is legal and why it is legal.
I am amazed and disgusted. It reminds me so much of the Couey trashy family that didn't break the law either when they hid Couey out when they knew he was an absconded sex offender.

If that is honorable then Hudson needs to look up the definition because he is off by a mile. How dishonorable and she had been talking to him since around the first of February.

Hudson may bless her as honorable but I have a feeling the MC is going to look at it much differently. Imo she has violated the Military Code of Conduct and trustworthiness is paramount which is something she is sorely lacking.