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    Unable to determine cause of death?

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, so I'm hoping here is okay, being how it *is* news. Just not news in English, lol.

    Anyway. Monday a car was found submerged in a canal in The Netherlands. In it was the body of a 21 year old man who had been missing since April 25th, 2007. He was the owner of the car. Divers from a local fire station stumbled upon the car while they were doing some practice dives.

    The police are saying two things: there is no reason to believe this was foul play, and: after this amount of time there is no way they can find out how the man died.

    Especially that last part bugs me... is that really true? It seems to me there are many cases we read about on WS where they *are* able to at least rule out a few things as far as cause of death goes. Any thoughts and comments on that?

    Here's the link to the article but like I said it isn't in English.

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    I think that if he has beed submerged in water for a year that the fishies and decopm might make it hard if there isnt anything visable on the bones..maybe a gunshot to the head or something to that nature..but other wise I think not..

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    Good points.
    Remember Laci's body washed up and there was little left of her. Not enough to name the COD, especially with body parts missing.

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