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    Legally blind man able to corral burglar


    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A burglar messed with the wrong man Monday morning when he broke into an east side home. The situation got bad enough for the burglar that he feared the home owner was going to kill him.
    The incident is likely to be tough for the suspect to explain to the guys in jail or out.
    He was beaten-up by a man who's legally blind.

    Maybe this should have been put into the crimes section, but it did make me smile...

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    LOL Indy I had it in the Bizarre News myself. Made me smile too though. I wonder if that guy is dating anybody?

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    Loved this one. It made me recall the story posted here some time ago where a 70 year old man was targeted in public for robbery by a thief in his 20's and the 70 year old kicked his a$$. He was a former marine.

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    I especially like the part of the story where he had a knife to the man's throat and tried to get the phone to dial 911, but the burglar offered to do it. He must have been terrified!

    I hope the public continues to see how capable and independent people with disabilities can be.

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    This is just great story!!!!!

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    I bet that thief wish he never picked the wrong victim. Goes to show no matter how old someone is, if they are blind, how they look, you never know!! A former marine! He sure showed that culprit =)

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