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    Rockefeller Donates $100 Million to Harvard

    I just saw this news tidbit and thought I would share.


    I am so not happy that these college kids will get to travel all summer to learn art appreciation when we have so many children without health care, food, clothing, homes.

    I try not to judge when I hear that someone makes a donation, even if it is not something I would donate to, but this seems so overboard.

    Tammie in Miami

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    Well, its his money. He has made many other generous contributions to many other organizations and still has a couple billion to spend before he dies.

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    I think it's awesome and quite generous. He wanted to give back to something that meant a great deal to him.

    We are related (way back) to the Rockerfellers. When my grandpa was in high school he was an all star basketball player. One of the Rockerfellers offered my grandpa a full ride scholarship to whatever school he wanted to go to. He ended up hurting his ankle and couldn't play ball again. He declined the offer.

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