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    FL - Robert Wiles, 26, Lakeland, 1 April 2008 *T. Holt guilty*

    TAMPA Two days after their 26-year-old son was kidnapped in Lakeland, Thomas and Pamela Wiles received a ransom note.
    They followed the instructions to get their son back, but something went wrong.
    Today, three weeks after the April 1 abduction of Robert Arthur Wiles, his parents have had no word of his whereabouts and don't know whether the kidnappers received their response.
    They and the FBI appealed to the public for help and to the kidnappers to contact the Wiles' again.
    Robert Wiles is business development manager for National Flight Services, the family's Toledo, Ohio-based aircraft service and maintenance company. It has a branch at 3480 Airfield Drive West at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, from where he was kidnapped.

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    Wait. So the parents have paid a ransom to someone already?

    This could be a situation where the son was kidnapped OR something he set up himself. If he had assistance, maybe they turned on him! Or maybe he's out enjoying the high life on whatever Mom and Dad paid as ransom.

    Well, I hope he's ok. I hate to think suspiciously of the son, but I do.

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    FL - Robert Wiles, 26, Lakeland, 1 April 2008 - Toby Holt chgd w/ murder

    Story Highlights
    - Robert Arthur Wiles, 26, of Lakeland, Florida, was reported missing April 1, said FBI
    - Wiles' parents "were sent a ransom note," FBI said; "A threat was made"
    - Note was signed in a "unique" way, the motive remains a mystery, investigator said
    Link HERE
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    I don't want to see that.

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    I don't know what the situaton is but it looks as if the parents had their own business so they may have lots of cash.
    I am with you, I hope whatever the case is that Robert turns up alive.

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    I hate to say it, but this doesn't look good. It's been 25 days and his parents did not receive a follow up to the ransom note.

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    I'm surprised I can't find anymore on this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dottierainbow View Post
    I'm surprised I can't find anymore on this case.
    I just heard about it yesterday. They said it had been kept quiet so that the FBI could see if they could find him, but that now they want to see if the public has any info.

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    His family is on Fox right now. They are giving a large reward for his safe return or reward for conviction of perpertrators. The family says he is not the type of person that would fake his disappearance.

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    This case is extremely bizarre and upsetting. Those poor parents. I have to wonder if it is someone rather familiar with him and his family who planned this. It really doesn't sound random, of course, and choosing an able-bodied male to kidnap and hold for ransom is very unusual IN THIS COUNTRY but other countries have quite a bit of this disgusting behavior by their criminal elements. I wonder if organized crime is involved, but it seems very strange and my best guess is it is someone known to him. I have been reading about a Cuban-American mafia in Florida that is behind the use of marijuana grow-houses but perhaps they are branching out in their evil ways.

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    I began reading the first article linked but could not get past this
    Describing his son, Thomas Wiles said, "Robert was …"
    "Is," his wife interjected, reinforcing a hope that he is still alive.
    "Is," Thomas Wiles said.
    I hate to sound over-suspicious, but isn't this usually one of the tell-tell signs that something is amuck?

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    do we know if ransom money was already given out the first time...they say "something went wrong" but I don't know what that means. did the perps collect the money then not deliver Robert? sounds like the parents tried to connect to pay the ransom but never heard back.

    this does sound very strange to me too...plus $10K reward isn't very much for your son when you are quite well off.

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    Update about the reward money.

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    interesting....says the Wiles family complied with the note's demands. I take that to mean they dropped off money somewhere...so LE must know by now if it was picked up or not but they don't confirm it.

    Or maybe they just got the call from the kidnappers saying call us back at a certain time and then the family got no response.

    It's important to know whether money was dropped off and picked up or not...like they said, kidnappings are so very rare in the US. I think Frank Sinatra's son was kidnapped back in the day but he was released.

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    Here is the FBI missing Poster for the case:

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