Iowa State police said Tuesday that they remain hopeful, but said a search for a missing student gets more difficult with each passing day.

Jon Lacina was last seen on Jan. 22 leaving a friend's apartment. His parent's reported him missing last Saturday.
and (even stranger it is being investigated in connection to two other missing men in the region)

Other Missing Persons Connections?

Iowa State is working with Ames police and the state Division of Criminal Investigation on a possible connection with two other missing person cases in the Midwest. Both cases involve young men around the same age as Lacina and who went missing around the same time, one is from Minnesota and the other from Wisconsin.

Sylvester McCurry, 18, was reported missing from Duluth, Min., on Jan. 17. Eric Michael Peterson, 24, was last seen in Lakeville, Min., on Jan. 19.

Investigators said it is too early to say whether there may be any connection between the cases, but investigators are looking into them and not ruling out any possibilities.

I have added Eric and Sylvester to the Min. thread as well