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    There are a lot of great threads outside of Websleuths with timelines, but to simplify things, if we could have it in one thread with a timeline, we may be able to connect some dots or come up with any theories....

    The young men's cases that may be related were posted from this link below. I just simplified the info to name and dates missing.

    Dates men were reported missing, from http://kstp.com/article/stories/s421937.shtml?cat=63

    1) Charles Blatz 28 yrs---------Missing-9/28/97 La Crosse, Wisc.
    2) Anthony Skifton 19 yrs------Missing-10/10/97 La Crosse, Wisc.
    3) Nathan Kapfer 20 yrs--------Missing-2/22/98 La Crosse, Wisc.

    14 months pass

    4) Jeffrey Geesey 21 yrs.-------Missing-4/11/99 La Crosse, Wisc.

    24 months pass....

    5) Ken Christiansen 19 yrs.------Missing-4/13/01 Duluth, Minn.
    6) Christopher Nordby 27 yrs.---Missing-11/07/01 Minneapolis, Minn.

    10 months pass

    7) Craig Burrows 23 yrs.--------Missing-9/29/02 Eau Claire, Wisc.
    8) Christopher Jenkins 21 yrs.---Missing-10/31/02 Minneapolis, Minn.
    9) Michael Noll 22 yrs.----------Missing-11/06/02 Eau Claire, Wisc.

    10) Joshua Guimond 20 yrs.------Missing-11/09/02 Collegeville, Minn.

    2 months pass

    11) Nathan Herr 21 yrs.----------Missing-01/10/03 Sheboygan, Wisc.
    12) Jeremy Stienkeoway 24 yrs.--Missing-01/20/03 Hinckley, Minn.

    15 months pass

    13) Jared Dion 21 yr.--------------Missing--4/10/04 La Crosse, Wisc.

    10 months pass

    14) Scot Radel 21 yrs.------------Missing-02/02/05 St. Cloud, Minn.

    15) Joshua Snell 22 yrs.-----------Missing-6/12/05 Eau Claire, Wisc.
    16) Patrick Kycia 19 yrs.----------Missing-9/23/05 Moorhead, Minn.

    3 months pass

    17) Cullen Fortney 21 yrs.-------Missing 1/08/06 La Crosse, Wisc.
    18) Kenji Ohnri 20 yrs.-----------Missing-01/28/06 Madison, Wisc.
    19) Lucas Homan 21 yrs---------Missing-9/30/06 La Crosse, Wisc.

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    Thanks, that sure makes a lot in just one city. I wonder if it's a SK what kind of person could do that... though there are people putting fire on homeless people sleeping... some people are nuts really.

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    Just a correction, Anthony Skifton went missing on 10/05/97.

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    Wow...good job..that makes it a lot easier to see the timeline.

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    Thanks PrayersforMaura! I really like your list and I like the time span between. Its a "snapshot" that is very easy to read and absorp.


    PS - I really like the "timeline" thread too. Great idea!

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    The following lists are not necessarily connected to the 'smiley face' case being investigated by these detectives. These are listed just to keep track of the number of these similar type 'incidents.'

    School year 94 -95:

    **09/01/94..Morgan White, 19, drowned, E Lansing, Mi
    10/13/94..Phil Gall, missing, Dayton, Ohio

    School year 95-96:

    **05/18/96..Robert Allen Dale, 33, missing, Saulte Ste, Mi

    07/07/96..Ronnie Bolin, 33 (5'7"), missing, (auto loc), Jefferson, Mo

    School year 96 - 97

    10/25/96..James Cooper, 16, missing, Monroe, Mi
    **12/15/97..Greg Martin, 21(?), drowned, Collier County, Fl
    02/02/97..Franklin Gottschalk, 25, missing, (auto loc), Lansing, Mi
    02/16/97..Patrick McNeill, 21, drowned, New York, NY

    97-98 School year:

    ** 9/22/97..Charles Blatz, 28, drowned,..LaCrosse, Wi
    **10/10/97..Anthony Skifton, 19, drowned,..LaCrosse, Wi
    **12/31/97..Ryan Getz, 21, drowned (seen unk male), E.Lansing, Mi
    **01/01/97..Lawrence Andrews, 22, drowned, New York, NY
    **02/22/98..Nathan Kapfer, 20, drowned, LaCrosse, Wi
    **03/07/98..Trever Hoheisel, 27, drowned, (seen at hotel), Chicago, Il
    **04/25/98..Keith Noble, 19, drowned, Athens, Ohio
    **05/04/98..Christopher M. Schuh, 19, drowned, Alliance, Ohio
    05/26/98..Joshua Bender, 19, drowned, New York, NY

    ** = drinking

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    98 - 99 School year:

    **04/13/99..Jeff Geesey, 21, drowned, LaCrosse, Wi

    missing without a trace...............

    11/01/98..John J. Restivo, 26, missing, New York, NY
    **11/05/98..Anthony Keith Klama, 36, missing (last seen w/unk male) Palatine, Il
    02/22/99..Brian Lee Cody, 26, missing (accident, car loc) Coldwater, Mi
    **04/14/99..Nathan Edberg, 22, missing (accident, car loc) White Bear Lake, Mn
    05/30/99..David Britt Sargent, 18, missing, Guntersville, Alabama
    **06/22/99..Darwin Kenneth Vent, 48, missing, Idaho Falls, Idaho

    ** = drinking

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    99 - 00 School year:

    **12/30/99..Leon Eli Tong, 21, drowned, Cary, Il
    **01/01/00..Brian Welzean, 21, drowned, (last seen at hotel) Chicago, Il

    Missing without a trace:

    03/21/00..Gregory Alonzo Vice, 23, missing, (auto located) Bossier, LA
    **04/10/00..Geoffrey David Apke, 24, missing, (accident, car loc), Covington, KY

    ** = drinking

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    00 - 01 School year:

    ** 11/05/00..Ryan Katcher, 19, drowned, Oakwood, Il
    03/01/01..Patrick Runninger, drowned, LaCrosse, Wi
    03/10/01..Justin Hayduk, 18, drowned, Morgantown, WV
    04/13/01..Ken Christianson, 19, drowned, Duluth, Mn

    Missing without a trace

    11/14/00..Joshua Bryan Smith, 23, missing, (auto loc), Pointe Verde, Fl
    12/01/00..Mathew Pendergrast, 23, missing, (auto loc), Memphis, Tn
    02/15/01..Steven E. Kraft, 12, missing, Benton Harbor, Mi
    03/09/01..Michael D. Jansson, 21, missing, (auto loc), Chicago, Il
    05/25/01..Brian George, 21, missing, Halifax, Canada

    ** = drinking

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    01 - 02 School year:

    ** 10/20/01..Eric Blair, 18, drowned, E.Lansing, Mi
    ** 11/02/01..Anirban Majumdar, 25, drowned, Philadelphia, PA
    11/07/01..Christopher Nordby, 28, drowned, Minneapolis, Mn
    01/??/02..Hyun Je Chang, 18, drowned, Madison, Wi
    ** 03/03/02..Brendon McNelis, 20, drowned, Binghamton, NY
    ** 03/15/02..Scott Langlois, 36, drowned, Sheboygen, WI
    04/23/02..Albert Papandreau, 32, drowned, (last seen at bus station), Chicago, Il
    **05/24/02..Scott Javin, 20, drowned, (seen talking to 2 unid females) (homicide) Terre Haute, In

    08/25/02..Derek Dyson, 19, drowned, Sashatoon, Canada

    Missing without a trace

    01/26/02..Markus Lorenzana, 19, missing, Stonybrook, NY
    04/15/02..Joseph Michael Fallon, 18, missing (NY LE involved),.Myrtle Beach, SC
    ** 04/28/02..Cody Scott Matney, 24, missing, (auto located), Bristol, Tn

    ** = drinking

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    02 - 03 School year:

    ** 09/29/02..Craig Burrows, 23, drowned, Eau Claire, Wi
    10/28/02..Tim Lee, 34, drowned, Minneapolis, Mn
    ** 10/31/02..Christopher Jenkins, 21, drowned (homicide), Minneapolis, Mn
    ** 11/06/02..Michael Noll, 22, drowned, Eau Claire, Wi
    12/02/02..David Dantzler Wolfe, 20, drowned, Philadelphia, Pa
    **12/12/02..Chad Sharon, 18, South Bend, In
    ** 12/19/02..David Kinter, 19, drowned, Grand River, Ohio
    ** 01/10/03..Nathan Herr, drowned, Sheboygen, Wi
    1/20/03..Jeremy Stienkeowy, 24, drowned, (seen at hotel unk male)(auto located) Hinckley, Mn
    ** 03/01/03..Jeremy Houk, 18, drowned, New Orleans, LA
    03/16/03..John Daverio, 48, drowned (college professor), Boston, Ma
    04/05/03..Michael P. Kline, 24, deceased (in car by river) Youngstown, Ohio
    ** 04/08/03..Glen Leadley, 23, drowned, Chicago, Il

    Missing without a trace

    **11/09/02..Josh Guimond, 20, missing, Collegeville, Mn
    12/20/02..Brian Carrick, 17, missing, Johnsburg, Il

    ** = drinking

    Special note

    Christopher Jenkins and Josh Guimond were both tracked to the Monestary. LE was refused admittance until weeks later. After weeks, the scent of both young men were still present within the monestary, but, Josh's scent was stronger.

    Josh Guimond was a well known and vocal critic of the secrecy behind the sexual abuse charges lauded against several priests located at this particular location. Josh is still missing.

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    03 - 04 School year:

    10/22/03..Joe Grozelle, 21, drowned, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    **11/01/03..Mathew Schiess, 17, drowned, Lena, Il
    **12/05/03..David S. Mun, 20, drowned, Boston, Ma
    **04/10/04..Jared Dion, 21, drowned, LaCrosse, Wi
    04/13/04..Ken Christianson, 19 deceased, Duluth, Mn
    **04/17/04..Marlon Blue, 21, drowned, deKalb, Il

    **07/18/04..Kevin Martin, 21, drowned, Des Moines, Iowa

    Missing without a trace

    11/28/03..William E Green, 25, missing, Batesville, Ark
    12/30/03..Thomas Daniel Lange, 30, missing, Allen, Mi
    01/04/04..Joseph Brandon Benton, 18, missing, (auto loc), Lufkin, Tx
    01/17/04..John Nelo Sansone, 35 (youthful appearance), missing, (auto loc) Charlotte, NC
    **04/26/04..Ryan Matt, 21, missing, Biddeford, Maine
    06/15/04..Walter Lopez, missing, Immokalis, Fl
    6/27/04..Craig Allen Frear, 17, missing, (auto loc) Scotia, NY

    ** = drinking

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    04 - 05 School year:

    **10/02/04..Chris Olberding, 18, drowned, Cincinnati, Ohio
    **11/13/04..Adam Falcon, 20, drowned, Canton, NY
    **01/12/04..Christopher S. Thien, 19, drowed, Vincennes, In
    04/11/05..Christian Metz, 26, drowned, Madison, Wi
    04/15/05..Patrick Welsh, 22, drowned, New York City, NY
    **04/16/05..Arvin Sharma, 22, drowned, Washington, DC
    **05/24/05..Scott Jarvins, 20, drowned (homicide) Terre Haute, In
    **06/12/05..Josh Snell, 22, drowned, Eau Claire, Wi,

    **07/02/05..Jacob Hobson, 27, drowned, Aames, Iowa

    Missing without a trace

    (see below)11/08/04..Amos Mortier, 27, missing, Madison, Wi
    04/02/05..John Bui Tran, 28 (5'3") missing, Quincy, Ma
    04/13/05..Keith Wm. Ryan, missing, Peoria, Il

    ** = drinking

    Amos Mortier's disappearance may be an isolated incident...fran

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    05 - 06 School year:

    **09/23/05..Patrick Kycia, 19, drowned, Mankato, Mn
    **10/07/05..Albert Campbell, 22, drowned, Potsdam, NY
    **12/05/05..Mathew Soumakis, 31, drowned, (staying at hotel)(last seen w/unk male), Chicago, Il
    **12/24/05..Mathew Kruziki, 24, drowned, E.Dubuque, IL
    01/08/06..Cullen Fortney, 21, survived drowning, Madison, Wi
    01/28/06..Kenji Ohnri, 20, drowned, Madison, Wi
    **02/02/06..Scott Radel, 21, drowned, St. Cloud, Mn
    **03/35/06..John Fiocco, 19, deceased (landfill), Ewing, NJ

    missing without a trace

    09/04/05..Jeremiah Claypool, 28, missing (auto located) Covington, In
    01/28/06..Brad Ross, 49, missing (business owner), Prospect, KY
    01/31/06..Christopher Dale George, 21, missing, (auto located),, Russell Springs, KY
    01/31/06..Michael Ray Osborn, 38 (5'9"), (auto located), Provincal, LA
    **04/01/06..Brian Shaffer, 27, missing, Columbus, Ohio
    03/27/06..Tommy Clement Pepin, 18, missing (last seen at hotel) Canada
    04/12/06..Thomas Blackstone, 20, missing (left to meet someone from internet), Edgefield, SC
    04/12/06.. Branson Kayne Perry, 20, Skidmore, Mo
    04/26/06..Luis R Aguirre, 34 (5'5") (dropped off at work) missing, Pine Hill, NJ
    05/22/06..Robert D Helphrey, 34 (youthfull appearance) (manager Thirsty Marlin (bar)) missing, Palm Harbor, Fl
    06/27/06..David Allen Adkins, 26, missing (auto located) Jacksonville, Fl

    ** = drinking

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    06 - 07 School year:

    09/25/06..Paul Shuman-Moore, 19, drowned, Grinnel, Iowa
    **09/30/06..Luke Homan, 21, drowned, La Crosse, Wi
    11/16/06..Jessiah James, 21, drowned, Clarksville, Tn
    12/16/06..Nick Rossini, 21, drowned, White Bear Lake, Mn
    01/13/07..Wade Steffey, 19, deceased (high voltage), LaFayette, IN
    01/15/07..Joseph Zahornacky, 22, drowned, (car loc) (seen talking to unk (masc looking) female) Lake Lillnonach, Ct
    **03/10/07..Mathew Grendell, 20, drowned, Scranton, PA
    **04/10/07..Abel Bolanos, 19, drowned, Des Moines, Iowa
    **03/??/07..Joshua Kaneakua, 19, drowned, Minneapolis, Mn

    07/10/07..Devin Thomas Gaines, 22, drowned, Deep River, CT

    Missing without a trace

    09/01/06..Clinton Devon Nelson, 21, missing, Haughton, LA
    09/02/06..Miguel Oliveres, 24, missing (gf stripper) Portland, Me
    09/03/07..Walter Smith, 42 (5'9") missing, (auto loc) (owned restaurant) Edinburgh, In
    11/21/06..Jesse Ross, 19, missing, (last seen at hotel) Chicago, Il
    01/20/07..Brad Olsen, 26, missing, (car loc, ran out gas), De Kalb, Il
    02/22/07..Scott Anthony Arcaro, missing, Lisle, Il
    02/23/07..John Spira, 45, missing (owned business, in a band, business mysteriously burned to the ground shortly after went missing) Chicago, Il
    04/16/07..Travis Lee Baker, 19, missing, Fayetteville, NC
    05/??/07..Timothy Contler, 33, missing (LE loc cell phone), Rochester, NY
    05/21/07..Christian Zyere Bacote, 14, missing, (last seen in auto w/PA lic plate) Sportsylvania, VA
    05/25/07..Travis Jeremy Wilson, 27, missing, (auto loc) Middesboro, KY
    05/31/07..Brian Braumberger, 19, missing (auto loc) Buraby, BC Canada
    06/02/07..Benjamin Mathews McCullers, 32, missing, (auto loc) Crescent, Ga
    06/15/07..Armando Ray Cloud, 21, missing, Coffee County, GA

    07/07/07..Brian Sullivan, 20, missing, Gates, NY

    ** = drinking

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