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    * 09/30/07 Christopher Melancom, 24, drowned,…. Iraqi Vet--La Crosse, Wi
    * 10/12/07 Augustine Floyd, 18, missing, met girl from internet, --Mt. Pleasant, Mi
    * 10/19/07 Roman Reed, 19, drowned, ----------------Hendersonville, NC
    * 11/01/07 Justin Gaines, 18, ….missing,----------------Duluth, Ga
    * 11/09/07 Kyle Fleischman, 24,..missing,----------------Charlotte, NC
    * 11/09/07 Matt LaCrosse, 25, drowned-------------------Bangor, Me
    * 11/21/07 David Michael Reilly, 30,..missing-------------Kingston, NY
    11/21/07 Anthony J. Rivera, 32,…..missing,..bartender,(auto loc)---Fayetteville, NC
    * 11/30/07 James Anthony Devine, ……drowned, ---------Manhattan, NY
    * 12/08/07 Gabriel Michael Smith, 27, drowned, gang after him, Ludington, Mi
    * 12/23/07 Joshua Szostaki, 21, ….drowned,---------------------Albany, NY
    * 01/11/08 Ryan VanVolkengold, 17,…drowned,---------Crediton, Ontario, Canada
    * 01/19/08 Tommy Booth, 24, …….drowned, (disap inside bar)--- Woodlyn, Pa
    * 01/27/08 Timothy Chipley, 34 …..drowned, (homicide),-----Carrollwood, Fl
    02/03/08 Kieran McCaffrey, 17,…..drowned,----------Massepequa, NY
    02/05/08 Nick Garza, 19, …….drowned,-----------Middlebury, Vt
    * 02/10/08 Jeffrey M. Liepitz, 35,…….drowned-------Mosinee, Wi
    03/21/08 Richard Foster, 25,…….drowned,----------Claremont, NH
    04/02/08 Huaijum Meng, 31,……..drowned,---------Carbondale, Il
    * 04/27/08 William Jacobson, 19,……drowned,--------Ithica, NY
    04/27/08 Dustin Joel Farkas, 23,……drowned,-------Great Falls, Va
    05/03/08 Justin Hoesch, 26,…..drowned(?),----------Atlanta, Iowa
    05/03/08 Daniel Reeves, 25,……..missing (car located),----Madison, Wi
    05/12/08 Martin Marpicek, 28, drowned,------------Yulan, NY
    * 05/14/08 Brandon Swanson, 19,….missing (car located),---Marshall, Mn

    The following names are not on the list as I feel these are isolated incidents. Although there MAY be ‘similarities,’ ie drinking, I do not feel they’re connected. However, you can see how this just does NOT happen in other part of the country. Why? Why so many within these states listed above?
    09/06/07 Jose Guillermo Coria, Jr., 18,…missing, disappeared frnt yrd, Santa Maria, Ca
    * 10/13/07 Earl Owens, 33, ..missing,..(argumnt w/gf) --Sportsylvania, Va
    12/10/07 Marcus Fuwing Ma, 18,…..missing,--------------Coaldale, Canada
    * 01/25/08 Chandler Williams, 23,…deceased (found in alley),---------San Diego, Ca
    * 02/08/08 Michael Barbieri, 23,….deceased (found in snow-bed)-----Breckenridge, Co

    * = drinking

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    I'm not very tech savvy....has anyone or can anyone mark the time line including the Canada and Kentucky disappearances on a map? I'd like to see if it makes any sort of image or pattern??

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    What I find strange is that only 1 has occured during the month of August and it was in Canada.

    08/25/02 Derek Dyson, 19, drowned, Sashatoon, Canada

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    I am from Michigan and this gives me the chills thinking that some sicko is running around so close and HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR AWHILE NOW!!!!! I know MI is a far from perfect place...(Not 1 but 3 cities have been voted WORST TO LIVE IN!!! *3years in a row TERRIBLE ) The closer to Detroit,Saginaw,Benton Harbor areas the more you accept crime (Sad but true...) I am saddened to say that we even had "Clown Attacks" reported in Sterling Heights my area...(We moved to get away from all the crime...) ....Just scary to think about all around.....
    I thank everyone for posting something and contributing anyway possible... I am new to the site but hope to be able to help anyway I can!!!!!!

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    I remember the October death in Potsdam. I was there a bunch of people were. They had a bar band at Mcduffs and at Maxwell's. I was going to college in Canton. Canton/Potsdam are two college towns. I have seen the smiley face many times. Its there as you pass over the bridge near the bar. There is a dog park near the water. If someone were to jump they'd have to do it much farther up the river. I always felt like that night was weird. There were so many coaches drinking with their players. I can get a photo next time I drive through to compare. I do believe there are two in the area. Another weird thing I noticed was the death in snowbank. It happened again in ogdensburg. In 2014

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