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    FL- Oakland Park, Skeleton hanging in tree, Apr'08

    Oakland Park man finds skeleton in newly trimmed tree

    How no one smelled the horror that authorities say may have been up in Glenn Parker's overgrown tree for a year is a mystery, but the partially mummified body made itself known last week.

    Tree trimmers cutting branches so BellSouth crews could service phone lines cleared enough foliage to let Parker spot a skeleton in the tree Friday, he said.

    "I hope I don't find another one," said Parker, 45, on Monday.

    Luckily, he said, there are no more large trees in his backyard.

    Investigators removed a skeleton that had apparently been hanging in the tree since last year.

    The Broward Sheriff's Office said the remains are likely those of someone who committed suicide, and foul play is not suspected.
    They believe that it is his roommate who has been missing for a year.
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    Ewww, you think there would have been fluids dripping down or whatever. Birds. Other animals. ICK. That's definitely something you don't want to find when gardening.

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    Yea, that would be freaky. Freaky enough that I might just give up gardening!

    How could you not smell a dead body? If I'm out in the backyard I can smell a dead bird or mole and start looking for where the odor is coming from and I don't think I have an extra keen sense of smell.

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    Some people don't go in their backyards very often. I can't remember the last time I was in mine.

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    How could the tree trimmers have not noticed it when they were cutting that tree?



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    At first, I was like... OK... He found an old Halloween decoration... geeze.

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    Homicide detectives examined the remains, which authorities believe have been hanging from the tree since last year.

    Authorities say the death appears to be a suicide and no foul play is suspected. The Medical Examiner will determine an official cause of death.
    I didn't find confirmation of the ID but if we have a missing resident and a skeleton found in the backyard it seems only logical. There was nothing in DN or Namus from Broward county April 2008 that fits the circumstances, only a man from Fort Lauderdale who had been dead for a week or so.

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