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    IN - Sahbaz Jasarevic, 35, Johnson County, Dec 2007

    This is eery. My daughter and fiancee was there this weekend mushroom hunting.
    Relatives of at least two missing people on Monday went to the area where human remains had been found near Camp Atterbury, wondering whether the discovery had anything to do with their cases.

    A mushroom hunter found remains of one person in a shallow grave near on Department of Natural Resources property about 2 miles north of Hospital Road on Sunday evening, police said.

    The grave, near the Camp Atterbury military installation, was about 2 feet deep, police said. The mushroom hunter said he stumbled into the grave and called 911, according to the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.
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    Another article http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp?S=8237127
    Here is part of the article: I believe Terri, Karen Jo Smith's stepmom is a member her @ Websleuth.
    "Somebody's nightmare is going to be over because going through this is an absolute nightmare," said McGinnis.
    Nearly two years ago, McGinnis' brother disappeared from Edinburgh. She's held out hope of finding him ever since. That's what brought her to the remote hunting ground at Johnson County's Camp Atterbury Monday.
    "My heart is fluttering. You want it to be him and you don't," she said.
    The area where the remains were found is not far from the last place her stepmother says Karen Jo Smith was last seen.
    "It never gets easier," said Terri Bishop, Smith's stepmother.
    Smith disappeared more than seven years ago. Her estranged husband was convicted in her death, but her body was never found. Terri Bishop founded a support group for the families of other missing people in Indiana.
    "There is no closure until we close a casket," said Bishop.
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    Here is a link to Karen Jo Smith who is missing.
    Her stepmom used to post here as INHope

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    Update in yesterdays paper said it might take 4 weeks to identify the remains

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    FRANKLIN, Ind. (AP) - Investigators say skeletal remains found in a shallow grave near Camp Atterbury are those of a homicide victim who may have been a Mexican citizen. Johnson County sheriff's Maj. Steve Byerly said Wednesday investigators found Mexican identification documents near the remains. They are for a 35-year-old Guadalajara, Mexico, man named Hugo Garcia Nungaray. But Byerly says the addresses on the documents are false. He says investigators believe the man was killed last spring or summer. Byerly says a DNA sample has been taken from the remains, but it will take several months to process. A mushroom hunter found the grave in April. The Indiana National Guard's Camp Atterbury is about 20 miles south of Indianapolis and used to train troops for combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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    Updated: Thursday, 15 Oct 2009, 6:57 PM EDT
    Published : Thursday, 15 Oct 2009, 10:18 AM EDT

    Forensic experts used DNA evidence to positively identify the remains as 35-year-old Sahbaz Jasarevic of Bosnia.

    In April 2008, a mushroom hunter found a shallow grave with human remains.

    “It would be speculation but I would assume this probably has the ability to be something larger than local crime,” said Sheriff Terry McLaughlin of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

    That’s because authorities say along with the remains and some clothing, they found a fake ID that contains Jasarevic’s photo, but the ID carries the name Hugo Garcia Nungaray of Guadalajara, Mexico.

    Jasarevic had a temporary visa visiting relatives in California. Investigators said his niece saw his photo on a Web site and knew the Mexican identification was wrong. They have no idea how he wound up in Indiana. He has not ties to the state or in Mexico.

    “Who he lived with and who he stayed with we don’t know at that time and that’s why we’re reaching out today," said Det. Bryan Bartlett.

    Investigators are not revealing how they think Jasarevic died. However, they’re not calling the case a homicide.

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