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    Possible Victims: Cali

    Dane Chandler Williams
    San Diego, CA

    Disappeared 1/26/08
    Found 1/29/08


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    northern cal murders

    in 2004, Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall were shot to death on a northern cal beach. http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0oGkxTauQ....2.461870.html

    The reason i'm posting this is because of the similiarities with the smileyface killers. Devilish horned grafitti left at the scene. Their necklace was missing.
    One victim was from Michigan, one from Ohio. Both Cristian missionaries. Dna was taken from a beer bottle, brewed in LaCrosse. See what you think.

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    Well, one of the graffiti is pictured here:
    and to me, doesn't look like any of the smiley faces that I've seen. And according to another web site (don't want to link, in case a link to an alcohol-related site is frowned on), the beer (Camo 40) is brewed in Nevada.
    The old Old Style brewery does do custom labeling, so maybe things were different in 2004.

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