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    NH - Matthew Beaudoin, 29, fatally run over in Nashua parking lot, 2 May 2008

    NASHUA, N.H. Witnesses say a Red Sox-Yankees argument in a bar led to taunting in the parking lot and then, according to prosecutors, to murder.
    On Sunday, prosecutors charged Ivonne Hernandez of Nashua with reckless second-degree murder for allegedly running down two people with her car outside the bar early Friday. Hernandez was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Monday in Nashua District Court.
    Whether she had a lawyer could not immediately be determined.
    Matthew Beaudoin, 29, also of Nashua, suffered serious head and brain injuries and died later Friday.
    An argument in Slade's Food & Spirits intensified early Friday when Hernandez, 43, announced she was a Yankees fan, said Tanya Moran, a bartender who was there. Moran said the argument spilled outside, and at least one person in a group that included Beaudoin began chanting "Yankees suck!" when they saw a Yankees sticker on Hernandez's car.
    Hernandez allegedly gunned her car in the parking lot and struck Beaudoin and friend Maria Hughes, 21. Beaudoin's sister Faith Beaudoin said was Hughes had only minor injuries because Beaudoin shielded his friend.
    more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,354187,00.html

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    This is so senseless; over sports teams..
    "Faith Beaudoin said her brother was a 1997 graduate of Nashua High School who worked dealing poker at Sharky's in Manchester and Nashua. She said organs including his heart, live and kidneys were donated to others."

    Sometimes i wonder if these senseless murders; sometimes when it's someone's time, it's their time. This young man donated his organs, in turn saving others' lives when he died.. Christ-like in a metaphorical sense. My prayers for the families. I have never understood the seriousness of some sports fans and how far they are willing to take things.

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    Unfortunately I can absolutely see something like that happening. There are just some places you don't run your mouth about what team you have loyalty to. That's a right out tradgedy. I can tell you we were raised up as Cowboy fans and in Philly that don't fly. We've been targeted by cops even in New Jersey because of a Dallas vanity plate. They'll stop you when they see that. I've had things thrown at me from cars and even in the supermarket. I'm a closet Nationals fan, but I wouldn't announce that in a bar after a Phillies game. MeoW, I respectfully disagree about that when it's someone's time it's their time. No, they were blatantly murdered because of some fool. That's all so very sad. Over sports.

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    From April 2010:


    Hernandez, 45, was convicted of reckless second-degree murder, second-degree assault and reckless conduct after a 10-day trial in December. She struck with her car and killed the 29-year-old Beaudoin in a dirt lot on Elm Street on May 2, 2008, following a confrontation...

    Judge Robert Lynn handed down the sentence of 20-40 years in prison on Tuesday...

    Prosecutors said Hernandez threatened the group and that she was the one who threw a punch, hitting Garger in the face. She knew exactly how to get home via Beech Street on the other end of the dirt lot but instead turned around because she was angry with Beaudoin and his friends for laughing at her.

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