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    Cat survives trip on roof of owner's car

    A cat had a narrow escape from serious injury after it clung to the roof of its owner's car as he drove to work. Bono, a grey persian, was rescued when owner John Sutton saw it slide down his windscreen as he slowed in traffic in Tauranga, New Zealand.

    He thought he'd chased Bono away from his Toyota Celica before he left for work. But a short distance from his home Bono slid down the windscreen and gripped the wiper blades after Mr Sutton slowed down.

    "It gave me a hell of a fright. Then I realised it was Bono and he was bloody petrified," said Mr Sutton.


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    Can you Imagine....poor cat. I am surprised that it held on as long as it did. Sure would give me a fright...cat sliding down my window! lol

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    And he thought his car was purring like a kitten!

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    this happened to me!

    Many years ago, my next door neighbors and dear friends owned a cat...Gracie... that wasn't really the brightest bulb in the bunch. One day I drove a couple of miles to my bank and when I got out to the parking lot to leave, Gracie was sitting there next to my car. I took her home and we just figured she had wandered away. I urged them to keep her inside for a couple of days to get her bearings!

    Next day I am at work....about 15 miles away. My neighbor calls and asks me if I saw Gracie that morning. I said no, I thought she was staying in for awhile but the my friends husband went ahead and let her out. About an hour later my best friend called again to say that her husband came out to my business and there was Gracie, sitting next to my car again!! Apparently she found a little area underneath the car in which to ride!

    Amazingly she survived as my journey involved many stop lights and signs, tons of curves, across a river and up and over a bunch of hills. This was about as far from a non-stop freeway commute as you could get!

    She then became an indoor only kitty...;o)

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