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    After Chase, Large Guy Brandishes A Tiny Dog

    (Michigan) - After leading an Oakland County sheriff's deputy on a high-speed chase, a burly contractor got out of his pickup and attacked the officer with his tiny French poodle, swinging the dog on his leash. "I've seen people ram cars. I've seen people fight," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. "But to take a poodle on a leash and make it a weapon, that's a new extreme in bizarre behavior." The man was taken to North Oakland Medical Centers in Pontiac for psychological observation. He faces five felony and two misdemeanor counts. Police said he rammed the deputy's car with his pickup before swinging his pet. The dog was taken to the Oakland County Animal Care Center in Auburn Hills and was fine, police said.

    Very interesting. I guess we can all tell who the Barney BadA$$ would be! lol

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