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    bumping this case
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    Todd Collett Lead

    Hey everyone!

    So me and fellow Websluether @DaiseyChains recieved a very interesting tip on the Todd Collett Case the other day and its raised some red flags for me and DaiseyChains.

    Me and DaiseyChains run a Facebook page dedicated to the Ashland Baby Doe (See OR - Ashland, WhtMale 1144UMOR, 1-2, in reservoir, Down Syndrome, Jul'63 for more info on the case). On Saturday morning, a man by the name of Dan Robinson messaged the page, claiming that he may have information on the Baby Doe case, followed by a message saying that he believed that he is Todd Collett, the missing child who disappeared in San Bernandino.

    He reported to us that he was taken as a child and recalled a story his "Parents" would tell about him replacing a dead baby that they had prior to him. They traveled in Oregon and California quite frequently. He claims his 'father' Dan Robinson, Jr. died in the 1970's and is buried in Topeka, KS. I am currently looking into this claim.

    He also showed a photo of his 'siblings' one of which who shares a resemblance to the Ashland Baby Doe (this photo was taken in the late 60's). We also asked Dan if he shared any of the physical traits of Todd; in which he did say he had a faded scar on his chest, but failed to discuss anything about any head injuries or physical problems in relation to that.

    I then found out he lived in the city of St. Helens, Oregon; located close to Longview, Washington on Highway 30. When I found this out, I extended an offer to meet with him and get to know him. He asked if we were law enforcement, which he knew we werent from earlier in the conversation. I told him no and he replied that he wished to only speak with law enforcement and ended our conversation.

    I plan to speak with the San Bernandino and Ashland, Oregon LE about this and will be submitting the conversation I had with him.

    I apologize if this sounds very scrambled because the conversation was all over the place. One interesting thing he brought up was that his DNA was on file at UNT and the San Bernandino LE did not want to test his DNA to that of Todd Collett's. I will post the conversation up in a separate response. Hopefully it will help in making this story clear.

    It has to be one of the most confusing tips I have ever received and I think it may be best to leave it to the professionals. But in the meantime I will keep everyone updated.
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