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    Dad of 37 calls for free vasectomies

    An Argentinian father of 37 is campaigning for free vasectomies.

    Cleto Ruiz Diaz, who lives with three partners and all 37 children in a two-bedroom apartment, said he doesn't want any more children.

    He is calling on the local government in the province of Corrientes to allow public hospitals to perform free vasectomies.


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    Just say NO man!

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    After 10 or 12, you'd think he'd start using the brain above his waist. whatta goon.

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    maybe one of his 3 partners will give him a free vasectomy one of these days...might not have as much ANAESTHETIC as he'd prefer, but hey... its free!

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    So, he still doesn't know what causes that? What a jerk! Why can't he just keep his weener in his pants?

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