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    FL - Rudy Villanueva for threats to Miami-Dade PD officers, 2008

    A reputed South Florida gang leader was sentenced to more than six years in prison after posting an Internet video threatening police with guns and taunting them to arrest him.

    Rudy Villanueva, 31, insisted he was only kidding around with friends when the video was made late last year and posted on YouTube in January.

    In the video, Villanueva and another man face the camera, holding weapons and directing their message to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

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    I remember when their video first came out.
    I'm surprised it took cops this long to make an arrest.
    The ****s made threatening remarks, while holding guns, about cops from a specific city.
    I say lock um up and throw away the key.
    Their freedom of speech was thrown out the window when they began tossing threats.

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