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    UK - Kate Prout, 55, Redmarley, Gloucestershire, 5 Nov 2007

    The REAL Midsomer Murders? The true story of how a farmer's wife disappeared into thin air

    A strikingly attractive and stylish brunette who looked at least a decade younger than her 55 years, Mrs Prout - Kate to everyone who knew her - was a relative newcomer in the close-knit community.
    She arrived in November 2003 with her husband, Adrian Prout, a balding but ruggedly handsome man, now 45 years old, who was ten years her junior.
    The couple took over Redhill Farm, with its 280 acres of land, and presented a picture of marital harmony.
    When Mr Prout held pheasant shoots for wealthy shire folk, his wife would do the catering; while he oversaw the heavy farmwork, she attended to the books.
    They also ran a successful water pipe-laying firm.
    But then, on Bonfire Night last year, as the rest of the village prepared the fireworks and homebaked confectionery, Kate Prout vanished without trace.
    That was six months ago, and nothing has been seen of her since.


    Her husband didn't alert the police for five days after she was gone.

    police believe she was murdered due to information they have although they refuse to disclose what this information is, for some reason. husband Prout was arrested earlier this year and remains on bail extended until September 9. he is chief suspect.

    Acting Detective Superintendent Neil Kelly of the county constabulary has this to say:

    "My belief is she is no longer alive, and she hasn't simply 'done a Reggie Perrin',' the detective told me this week.
    And he expressed his determination to produce sufficient evidence to trap Kate Prout's killer - even if her remains are never found.
    "In prosecutions where there is no body, there are two main elements," he said. "Firstly you need to establish the presumption of death to the satisfaction of the court.
    "One way that can be done is by proving the person hasn't done any of the things she would do if she was still alive - and in Kate's case there are certain types of things, which I won't go into.
    "Secondly, we need to prove that the alleged defendant is responsible."

    Such murder convictions are rare, but not without precedent.

    I'm finding it all quite an interesting tale.

    if the police think her possibly someone who has disappeared of her own volition, they wouldn't waste their time, IMO.
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    Yes, it sounds like he decided he wanted all of the assets. When will they learn, better to enjoy half the proceeds, than none in jail.

    Who knows, maybe he was able to cover up well enough to get away with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anuniaq View Post
    Yes, it sounds like he decided he wanted all of the assets. When will they learn, better to enjoy half the proceeds, than none in jail.

    Who knows, maybe he was able to cover up well enough to get away with it.
    i hope not! Acting Detective Superintendent Neil Kelly of the county constabulary appears set on getting him.

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    Farmer denies murdering missing wife

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    Wow I'm in the UK and never heard of this case before! What a horrible horrible story

    I hope that if Kate is still alive and has just left, she will show up to prove Adrian's innocence, however it doesn't sound like he is innocent judging by the comments the police have made!

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    Kate's husband was eventually found guilty last year. Kate's remains have never been found


    Wealthy landowner jailed for life for murdering estranged wife

    Judge criticises Adrian Prout for not revealing location of body

    Kate Prout, left, who was murdered by her estranged husband, Adrian Prout, right Kate Prout, left, who was murdered by her estranged husband, Adrian Prout, right. Photograph: Gloucestershire police/PA

    A judge today criticised a wealthy landowner for not revealing where he had hidden the body of his estranged wife after he murdered her.

    Adrian Prout was jailed for life for the murder of retired teacher Kate Prout and told he would serve at least 18 years.

    Mrs Prout's body has never been found, prompting her family to appeal to Prout to end their agony and tell them how she met her end and where the body was.

    Sentencing Prout, Mr Justice Davis said: "One of the pieces of evidence that sticks in my mind is Kate Prout used to remember her parents by placing flowers on her grave. I expect her family would like to place flowers on her grave but they can't, and they can't because of you."

    The judge said: "It was said on your behalf that there was some sort of stress or a degree of provocation. I couldn't accept even that. The truth is you allowed your temper to erupt and it was your anger that killed her. How you killed her is only known to you. You most probably did it by strangling her."

    Prout, 47, killed his 55-year-old wife during an acrimonious divorce. A trial at Bristol crown court was told that shortly before she vanished from their home in Redmarley, Gloucestershire, two years ago, Mrs Prout had increased the amount of money she was asking for as part of the settlement.

    The court also heard that Prout, who had a pipe-laying business and ran a pheasant shoot, may have fallen in love with a house-sitter. He subsequently had a child with a third woman.

    Defending, Elizabeth Marsh told the court Prout had suffered a "prolonged period of stress" and flagged up an incident the month before Mrs Prout went missing in which she drunkenly abused him in front of friends at a local pub.

    Referring to the couple's divorce proceedings, Marsh added: "It's quite clear on both sides there had been lengthy and difficult periods of negotiation."

    Mrs Prout's family have urged Prout to reveal where her body was hidden and end their anguish.

    Her brother, Richard Wakefield, 59, from Lypiatt, Gloucestershire, said: "Nothing will bring Kate back to us, but we are pleased that justice has been done. We would, however, appeal to Adrian to tell us what happened to Kate and where she is because we would like to lay her to rest and say our goodbyes."

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    Husband has now confessed to her murder and has led police to where her body was hidden.
    They hope to recover her body next week.

    More at link
    England's dancing days are done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by badhorsie View Post
    Husband has now confessed to her murder and has led police to where her body was hidden.
    They hope to recover her body next week.

    More at link
    And it looks like they have found Kate's body. No formal identification yet but it will be Kate almost certainly..


    Human remains have been discovered by forensic teams searching for Kate Prout, who was murdered by her husband.

    On Friday, Adrian Prout took police to Redhill Farm at Redmarley in Gloucestershire, to show them where he had buried his wife's body.

    He was jailed for life for her murder in February 2010 after a trial. Police said he had now admitted killing her.


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    Identification confirmed.
    A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: "I can now confirm that within the past 15 minutes the body recovered from Redhill Farm, Redmarley, yesterday afternoon has been formally identified as that of Kate Prout.

    "The identity of the deceased was confirmed through the use of dental records."


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    I asked my fiance to take a lie detector test to show he didn't murder his wife... but it proved he was the killer

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    She looked across the table at her fiance Adrian Prout and, heart palpitating, said:
    ‘If you have done something to her we need to know, so that her family can give her a proper burial.’


    Prout, a 49-year-old businessman, stared at her coolly and answered quietly:
    ‘She’s had one.

    In that short, callous statement, just two months ago, Debbie’s hopes and dreams for the future came crashing down around her.


    And that is how the confession began... with his fiance asking him if he did it.

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    Wow. I can think of a number of people I wish would confess like this... but it so rarely seems to happen. It's as if they think if they keep denying it, they can change reality.

    rest in peace, kate.

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