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    WA - Lenoria Jones, 3, Tacoma, 20 July 1995

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: July 20, 1995 from Tacoma, Washington
    Classification: Non-Family Abduction
    Date Of Birth: January 3, 1992
    Age: 3 years old
    Height and Weight: 3'0, 40 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: African-American female. Black hair, brown eyes. Jones's hair was braided at the time of her 1995 disappearance. Her nickname is Noria.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description: Blue or turquoise pants and a black t-shirt with an image of the character Barney imprinted on it.
    Medical Conditions: Jones was born with cocaine in her system and suffers from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a result. At the time of her disappearance, she was taking the prescription medication Norpramin to control the condition.

    Details of Disappearance
    Jones was last seen with her great-aunt, Berlean Williams, on July 20, 1995 in their hometown of Tacoma, Washington. Williams had legal custody of Jones at the time and was in the process of adopting the child. She also ran a day care center. The identity of Jones's father is not known, and her mother had her legal rights to her daughter terminated by 1995. Jones and her mother had never lived together; her mother gave her to relatives to raise when she born. She spent the first two years of her life living with relatives in the Spokane, Washington area before being placed in Williams's care. Jones's mother resided in Arkansas in 1995.
    Williams initially told authorities that Jones disappeared inside the Target store on South 23rd Street in Tacoma during the day. Investigators believed Williams's account until Target management provided a security videotape showing Williams entering the store alone. There was no sign of Jones anywhere nearby. Williams reported her grand-niece's disappearance to police at 9:42 a.m., but at 8:47 a.m. she had called her daughter and said she did not know the child's whereabouts. She had no explanation for why she waited an hour to alert authorities that Jones had vanished.
    Williams changed her statements to authorities numerous times after the discovery of the videotape. Among Williams's claims were the stories that Jones wandered away from her home, was abducted from the Target parking lot and that two unidentified African-American men kidnapped Jones near their residence on south Sheridan Avenue. Williams then said that the child was safe and living in an undisclosed location. Jones's mother says she called Williams and asked to speak to Jones two days prior to the child's disappearance, but was not permitted to talk to her. Authorities placed Williams under house arrest for four months after Jones's disappearance for failure to provide case information. Her day care center was also shut down by the state. Williams has never been charged in connection with Jones's case. Her lawyer maintains that her accounts of Jones's whereabouts differed due to badgering by law enforcement.
    Authorities have ruled out other members of Jones's family, most of whom live in Arkansas, as possible suspects in her disappearance. Some officials believe foul play may have been involved in her case; others believe she is still alive in an unknown location. Some investigators theorize that she may have died from an accidental overdose of Norpramin. She had been taking the drug for a matter of days prior to her disappearance. It is not usually prescribed for young children and has a number of serious side effects, including a skin rash, seizures and death, that can occur in the first few days after starting the medication. There is no evidence to support the overdose theory, however. Jones's disappearance remains open and unsolved.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Tacoma Police Department


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    State Patrol Refreshes Case Of Missing Girl

    Almost 13 years after 3-year-old Lenoria Jones disappeared from a Tacoma Target store, authorities not only hope she is still alive, but that someone will recognize her from a new, updated image of the little girl.

    Saturday, in honor of National Missing Children's Day, the Washington State Patrol unveiled a new truck trailer owned by Gordon Trucking Inc. which bears both an image of Lenoria in 1995, and what she may look like today.

    Lenoria was shopping with her great-aunt on July 20, 1995 when she vanished. She was last seen wearing a "Barney" T-shirt and turquoise pants.


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    Lenoria has been missing for 15 years today.

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    What a very sad case!

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    Poor little kid. Sounds like she had a rough start in life, and it went downhill from there. I hope wherever she is, she is happy.

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    For The Missing: Pacific Northwest
    Lenoria Jones has been missing from Washington for 16 years today.

    Charley Project - Lenoria E. Jones - Tacoma WA, 1995

    ‎3-year-old Lenoria Jones was last seen in Tacoma, Washington on July 20, 1995. Lenoria's grandmother changed her story regarding the circumstances of Lenoria's disappearance multiple times. Some authorities believe foul play is involved, and other believe Lenoria is alive in an unknown location.

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    Dozens of South Sound children and juveniles have vanished over the years.


    Lenoria Jones, who vanished at age 3 in Tacoma in 1995. Her great-aunt, Berlean Williams, was the last person reported to have seen her; questioned by police, Williams gave wildly conflicting accounts of the child’s disappearance.

    More: www.thenewstribune.com/2012/01/26/1999524/the-hunt-must-go-on-for-teekah.html

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    BUMPING for Lenoria, missing 17 years today.

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    BUMPING for Lenoria. Missing 18 years today.

    I feel like if this happened today, it would be a huge case. Aunt says Lenoria disappeared from Target, but she was not seen on the Target surveillance footage. Lenoria's mom called 2 days before her "disappearance" but wasn't permitted to talk to her. Inconsistencies all over.

    Time to come home, Lenoria.

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    Police still working 95 disappearance of 3-year-old


    Published: July 28, 2013 Updated 2 hours ago
    By STACIA GLENN Staff writer

    Lenoria Jones was 3 when she disappeared.

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    Exclamation Terapon Dang Adhahn

    I found a KOMO News article from 2007 on Google that says that Terapon Adhahn, who killed 12-year-old Zina Linnik in 2007 in Tacoma, WA, was being looked at in Lenoria's case back then.

    Police: Adhahn may be connected to similar cases

    Fulghum said Adhahn apparently made his living as a handyman. The police spokesman did not have details about any relatives Adhahn may have in the area, but said nobody else was being questioned in the case except possible witnesses. No other suspects were being sought, Fulghum said.

    Fulghum said investigators were reviewing several other child homicides and two to three other disappearances for any connection to Adhahn.

    Those cases include:

    -Michella Welch, 12, of Tacoma, whose body was found hours after the girl disappeared from Puget Park on March 26, 1986.

    -Jennifer Bastian, 13, of Tacoma, who was found dead Aug. 28, 1986, in Point Defiance Park, where she'd been last seen riding her bicycle two weeks earlier.

    -Lenoria Jones, 4, of Tacoma, who disappeared July 20, 1995.

    -Adre'anna Jackson, a 10-year-old Tillicum girl whose body was found April 4, 2006, four months after she disappeared.

    "We'll have to go back and review those cases," Ramsdell said. "Obviously some of those cases are very old."

    I really don't think Adhahn was responsible for her disappearance, the next youngest girl that LE thought he could possibly be connected to was 10, but it does show that LE was still trying to progress with this case, which is a good sign.

    Last edited by Fuuro; 08-19-2013 at 01:14 AM. Reason: needed to add link to the article

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    I don't think Adhahn was responsible for Lenoria. I do believe he was responsible for JB and possibly the others.

    Lenoria's aunt's story never added up. I remember the sinking feeling I felt when they showed the surveillance of her walking into Target alone, without Lenoria. Why would she lie? I still hope she is alive and was just passed off to another relative, etc. It's a mystery I still wonder about sometimes.
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    Cold-case detectives refuse to give up solving Tacoma child disappearances

    Lenoria's great aunt had claimed the youngster was taken while they shopped at Target in July of 1995, but surveillance video showed the pair never entered together.

    Stories kept changing, the great aunt and other family members mired in a custody battle refused to cooperate. There was no evidence to go on.

    Twenty years later, the department's cold case detectives have discovered one possible new lead: an anonymous caller from 1995 reached out with new information. Whoever took that call failed to get in-depth information that could have potentially helped the investigation.

    "Without having asked some significant questions, I think that is the one person the detective would like to talk to now," Cool said.

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    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

    We are the watchers. We are witnesses. We see what has gone before. We see what happens now, at this dangerous moment in human history. We see what's going to happen - what will surely happen - unless we come together: we - the Peoples of all Nations - to restore peace and harmony and balance to the Earth, our Mother.

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    Twenty years later, the department's cold case detectives have discovered one possible new lead: an anonymous caller from 1995 reached out with new information. Whoever took that call failed to get in-depth information that could have potentially helped the investigation.

    "Without having asked some significant questions, I think that is the one person the detective would like to talk to now," Cool said.
    This is a really loose definition of a lead but hopefully the person will call back. It could be the break detectives need.

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