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    Personal Fire Truck, just in case . . .

    This guys neighbors are in an uproar because he bought a personal fire truck, just in case ... needless to say his neighbors are seeing red.


    When firefighters relied on the water in their trucks to put out a blaze in a neighbor's garage because a hydrant was too far away, Peter Mitchell fretted about what might happen if his house caught fire.

    His solution: He bought a shiny red pumper on eBay for $7,000.

    He parked his new acquisition near his home in Schaumburg Township, comforted that firefighters could use the 1,500 gallons of water it held to benefit the neighborhood if another fire broke out.

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    I bet they will be happy if he is there with water when their house is on fire!

    People are just so nasty sometimes. Seriously if you want to not look at someone else's garage then move your butt to 10 acres somewhere and landscape however you wish.

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    Good lord don't people have enough to worry about in life besides what their neighbour is buying?

    And for silliness sake they can't even see the truck because he has it parked in a specially built garage lol these people have too much time on their hands.

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    If there is a fire, Mr. Mitchell is the one they'll be hoping will save the day.

    Or Cook Co. can raise property taxes and properly install hydrants for the homes there.

    Either way, they'll b***h and moan.

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    Those neighbors are being ridiculous, he bought it not only for himself, to help others as well. The gravity system he installed could take the water from his inground pool for his truck as well as the fire dept's. So they'll stop complaining when he saves their houses. Sometimes i think people just look for something to make a stink about since they're bored.

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    I hate people who get into other peoples business!!!
    Joann thank you for showing me all the beautiful things in this world especially yourself!!!

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