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    Free Gun With Car Purchase

    I almost put this in the 'Bizarre' forum, but somehow decided it belonged here. First of all, I'm a gun owner. I also own a business, and my first thought on this is that it's probably one of the best marketing schemes I've seem in a long time, but I don't agree with it for many reasons. Here ya' go...and let's see what YOU think of it. Let's play nice and not cause the mod's any headaches over a gun control controversy that could easily get out of hand. OK?

    BUTLER, Mo. -- A local car dealer is holding a controversial promotion involving guns.

    Max Motors in Butler is offering anyone who buys a car the choice of $250 in gas or a free semi-automatic handgun.

    "Like I say, it's a choice -- protection or gas," said Walter Moore with Max Motors....


    Here's a youtube link to the video as reported on Fox news:


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    out here in missouri, we have all the good ideas... :-)