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    FBI: Pilot saw flaming object near Cleveland-bound jet


    Here I thought this was going to be just another drunken pilot and/or UFO story.

    CLEVELAND -- FBI officials say a Continental Airlines pilot told air traffic controllers that an object with a flaming tail and a trail of smoke flew in front of the plane shortly after take-off.
    The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved in the investigation, but officials say they believe the object seen by the pilot just east of Houston's airport yesterday was a model rocket. (more plus video at link)

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    A model rocket...meaning some kid built a rocket for Boy Scouts and it happened to fly by a plane.

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    I would have guessed a comet or something. I saw one not too long ago as I was driving, looked like it was just in front of us. Googled and found out that what I saw was way further than that.

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    That's quite something if it was a model rocket. In the article it said that 'The new high-powered model rockets can reach altitudes of 30,000 feet, but only if the launch site is located in a remote area away from aviation traffic.' It's a bit unnerving to think of someone accidentally firing one of these things across a flight path.

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    Are we sure it was a model rocket thingy?

    I think we are not told a lot of things so we all don't panic and kill each other. Like the cargo ship that was stopped off the coast of NY carring explosives. We only heard about it on the news one time then it was gone and nothing was ever said about it. Makes ya wonder.

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