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    Woman 'married' to the Berlin Wall

    This is Eija Riitta Berliner-Mauer and she claims she is married to the Berlin Wall and has been since 1979. She is in love with it. Before she met the Berlin Wall she had relationships with other objects, like fences and bridges and since the destruction of the wall I believe she has moved on and is now involved with new boyfriend, a fence.
    There have been a few of these stories in the news lately; the guy who has relations with cars and the guy who got caught lovin' on his picnic table.
    The disorder is called objectum-sexuality although I had a hard time finding any info about this disorder from repudiatable psychology sources which makes me wonder if it is an 'official' disorder or if it just a fetish that has been given this name.
    Here is a link to one of the news stories about this women. The second link is her actual web-site where she talks about her husband, how they met, etc. It is interesting because the concept sounds so crazy you automatically assume the person making these claims is crazy however she seems perfectly sane to me. A little eccentric but not 'crazy.'


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    ummmmmmmmm ok

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    least he doesnt cheat on her.

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    Ok, I kind of understand the picnic table guy. I think that was about sexual gratification. But this? I just don't get it. I guess that if you believe you can be reincarnated into a wall then it makes a bit of sense. She seems to follow a logical path on her why she loves the Berlin Wall page, but the steps in the logic are odd, to put it kindly.

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    What the hee-haw???? weird.....

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