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    UK - Pat Regan, 53, fatally stabbed, Leeds, 1 June 2008

    Brave mother who campaigned against gun crime after her son was shot dead is found stabbed to death at her home

    The grandson of a woman who championed a national campaign against gun and knife crime has been arrested after she was found brutally stabbed to death at her home. Pat Regan, 53, who spearheaded the Mothers Against Violence campaign after her son was shot dead five years ago, was found murdered in her flat in Leeds.


    The grandson was aprehended after he attacked a member of station staff at a railway station.

    mental health problems mentioned. and apparently Pat Regan , his grandmother, tried to get help for him but failed because he was over 18.

    Maybe i should stop looking at the news.

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    So sad

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    Desperately sad and poor woman she was right about getting help for her grandson.

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    Britain sure has a lot of violence problems with their youths as well..

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    A sad case indeed ..... Mental health agencies often fail both clients and the citizenry at large .... Seems the line between personal freedoms and public safety will be debated forever.

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    From November 2012:


    Rakeim was diagnosed with severe paranoid schizophrenia following Mrs Regan's death and was ordered to be detained indefinitely at a secure psychiatric hospital after admitting manslaughter.

    The inquest heard a GP referred Rakeim to the crisis team on 30 May, believing he was suffering from a psychotic illness needing urgent treatment or detention.

    Mrs Regan took her grandson to the emergency department of St James's University Hospital the following evening, where he was assessed and sent back to his grandmother's home with a sleeping tablet.

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