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    NC - Mikayla Manning, 23 mos, beaten to death, Nashville, 5 June 2008

    A Nashville woman was charged Thursday with first-degree murder after allegedly beating her 23-month-old daughter to death.
    Nash County deputies charged Latonya Smith, 22, with several counts of child abuse early Thursday after the sheriff's office was informed by officials at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville that her daughter, Mikayla Manning, had suffered severe injuries.


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    What a sick woman! I swear, how many more children will die at the hand sof the people that are supposed to love them and take care of them. Why have children if you don't want them. Give them up for adoption so that someone who actually wants to love them can. I'm sure she'll make many enemies in prison!

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    Manning's injuries included a skull fracture, according to a news release. The toddler also suffered from swelling of the brain and other injuries consistent with child abuse.
    I believe in karma.....

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    Another one. The top two stories in this forum are of small children being killed by a caregiver.

    God Bless this little one.

    Like I said in the thread about the 3 year old, I'm so angry.

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    Rest in peace little Mikayla. The angels will love and care for you now. No more suffering, you are free.

    With love,


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    I have a 3 year old that just likes to push the limits but never in my whole entire time with her have I felt that I could beat her. THis is just so sad and it just keeps happening.

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    You know, everytime I read a story about a child being abused, I wish that I had the space to take them in.
    There are so many sites on the internet that are anti-child protective services, with people claiming that CPS took their children without reason. Maybe in a few cases, they may have. However, I read on one message board that one woman did cocaine to relax from the stresses of having a child, and doesn't understand why her child got taken away. When I brought that point up, everyone on the boards jumped down my throat and called me horrific names.
    Maybe some people do not see what they do as abuse or neglect, but it is.
    I wish that all people that hurt children would get the electric chair (or lethal injection, or, as I believe one state still has, the firing squad).

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    Poor baby....I have to admit being a mom at 17, I didn't have the best patience and was sometimes VERY frustrated...thats when I put my baby in her crib and left her, crying or not, for a few minutes....up to 10 mins....
    I do think alot of people think it's wrong to let a baby cry...not so....the baby WON'T cry itsself to death.
    If you feel it's too much, walk out....the baby will be alot better off...
    AND I AM NOT SAYING I EVER FELT LIKE HURTING MY BABY....but I have felt extreme frustration and stress...and babies CAN feel that which makes them MORE stressed! Hence, MORE crying/fussing...

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    According to North Carolina DOC, Smith served served 5 to 7 years for manslaughter:


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