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    Whiskey swigging bride wants photo killed

    DAYTON, Ohio - Most women are eager to show off their wedding photos. But Michele Hemphill is suing to get a picture of her drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette in her wedding dress off store shelves.

    The photo was taken 22 years ago while Hemphill was with her bridesmaids before her wedding. It's featured on a greeting card with the caption: "Intoxicating Love." Inside it says, "Isn't love intoxicating? Congratulations on your special day."

    Hemphill, a mother of three who works at an assisted living community and is active in her church, seeks damages of more than $25,000 for invasion of privacy, publication of private matters, intrusion upon seclusion and slander in her lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.

    She asks that all copies of the photograph be destroyed and the card be removed from retailers.

    Named as defendants are Wallace McNamee of Hilton Head, S.C., who took the photo; Corbis Corp. of Olympia, Wash., an online digital image company; and Portal Publications Ltd. of Novato, Calif., a greeting card publisher.


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    The first thing any photographer does is get a release to use the images... if not then you can't do what this one did. The bride will win... every time.

    becca who learnt years ago what a release is...

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