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    Canada - B.C. Missing Men


    Dozens of young, healthy men have mysteriously vanished in southwestern B.C. in recent years. Many of their families suspect the disappearances are connected--police say no.

    Sandra Thomas, Vancouver Courier

    Published: Wednesday, May 21, 2008
    Chilliwack resident Michael Scullion, 30, last seen in Agassiz April 10, 2008. Burnaby resident Kellen McElwee, 25, last seen in Langley March 19, 2008. Langley resident Derek Kelly, 32, last seen at Bridge Lake Jan. 1, 2008. Langley resident John Kahler, 29, last seen at Stave Lake Nov. 2, 2007. Burnaby resident Brian Braumberger

    More at link: http://www.canada.com/vancouvercouri...d-3e742db307f6

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    Police always say there is no connection. What do they know (said sarcasticly).


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    Id love to compile a list of cases where for the longest ...time LE saw no connection.
    Lets see.. off the top of my head:
    The Tate Labianca murders.
    Son Of Sam
    The Houston Mass Murders
    Ted Bundy
    The Green River Killer
    The South Hill Rapist In Spokane
    The Spokane Serial Murders
    John Gacy ....
    Im sure there's more.

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    Maybe the feet washing up on the shore have something to do with all these missing men?

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    Here's a list I complied from the thread called "Mysterious human feet washington ashore in BC Canada; and the link is: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61530

    I'm going add a few more names that I found on the same article:
    June 9, 2008: Daniel Bouchard, 20, of White Rock disappeared after leaving a local pub
    April 21, 2008: Burnaby resident Terry Beckett, 55
    April 15, 2008: Vancouver resident Richard Tamassy, 42
    April 10, 2008: Michael Scullion, 30, of Chilliwack disappeared in Agassiz.
    March 21, 2008: Kelowna resident John Ernest Patrick, 40
    March 9, 2008: Kellen McElwee, 25, of Burnaby was last seen outside a Langley restaurant
    March 4, 2008: Coquitlam resident Kenneth Shigehiro, 46
    Jan. 16, 2008: White Rock resident Wade MacKenzie, 23, last seen in North Delta
    Jan. 1, 2008: Derek Kelly, 32, of Langley vanished near Bridge Lake
    Nov. 2, 2007: John Kahler, 29, was last seen at a four-by-four truck rally at Stave Lake
    July 25, 2007: Abbotsford resident Beric Bason, 26, last seen at Loon Lake
    July 20, 2007: Burnaby resident Asim Chaudhry, 24
    June 20, 2007: Vancouver resident Ron Carlow, 38
    June 1, 2007: Bryan Braumberger, 18, disappeared somewhere near the Coquitlam and New Westminster boundary
    Sept. 30, 2006: Kelowna resident Aaron Derbyshire, 22
    Oct. 4, 2006: Chilliwack resident Brandyn Thomas Dirienzo, 20,
    July 25, 2006: Burnaby resident Patrick Ratto, 43
    Jan. 9, 2006: Kelowna resident Michael Bosma, 26
    May 27, 2005: Greenwood resident Gary Hansen, 52
    Feb 14, 2005: North Vancouver resident David McMorran, 45
    July 15, 2004: North Vancouver resident Matthew Price, 22
    April 5, 2004: Surrey resident Ranvir (Ron) Atwal, 28
    Oct. 26, 2003: Vancouver resident Greg Cyr, 43
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    Police always say there is no connection. What do they know (said sarcasticly).

    The Vancouver police never seem to learn a valuable lesson.Never say never.They said that for years when all those women were going missing in vancouver hence we have Mr.Pickton the pig farmer/serial killer.
    Carolyn Pruyser missing since May 17,1984 please read her about her case Here

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    Ive been following this case (or cases) now for several months. I am so frustrated by the lack of information that I google several of these young mens names daily just to see if anything has changed.

    I have never bought into the connectiom between the "feet" and the missing men, mostly because the police obviously have DNA samples of the missing men and they would be ruled out.

    I am confused by this though. One of the first pairs of feet have been indentified, and the police are not at liberty to release the name because the family doesn't wish it to be released. (I understand this too - because they would be inundated with media following the "foot conspiracy" theories.) My question is. . . how often does this happen and is there possible resolution in some of the cases we follow just because the family is too traumitized by a positive id?
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for moving this to this Forum.

    I am not sure if there was not much activity because it was in a non-discussion forum, or because this is a Canadian case. . . however. . . there is definetly something going on and after reading all the posts from all the WS'ers here I know that you can help me sort through this.

    I first started paying attention after reading about Johnny Kahler going missing.



    He reminds me so much of most of my male friends and I thought there is no way anyone overpowered this guy without leaving some trace.

    Then I read about Derek Kelley and noticed the resemblance between the type of guy.


    Then Kellen McElwee and. . . I read that Kellen's father was putting up a poster of his son when he noticed a poster for one of the two above and couldn't help but notice the resemblance.

    How do so many young, healthy, BIG, strong young men just vanish? Most of them with absolutely no trace ever being found and in several cases their vehicles recovered with nothing. .. no evidence or direction for families or law enforcement.


    There must be some sort of connection, but I don't blame the law enforcement for not admitting one. . . there is no evidence in any of these cases so how can a lack of evidence be called a connection.

    I am in awe of the posters on websleuths ability to ferret out information and make connections. Would love to discuss this with some of you.

    These families and if you look at other lists, many more in lower b.c. need answers as to where their sons went. I personally believe there must be a woman involved. It is the only way I can think that this men could all have been taken off guard without signs of scuffle.
    I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it. Maya Angelou

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    I am a member of Derek Kelly is Missing on Facebook and received the following letter yesterday. It is heart wrenching to read, and cannot imagine what these people are gong through.

    I am obsessed with these young men and what happened to them. I have considered email Derek or John Kahler's family and encouraging them to join here in their search. . . but I can't seem to drum up interest in it myself so I am not sure it would not be frutile for them.

    I am pondering whether starting a thread under each man's name would be beneficial. . however since there are so many commonalities and a perceived connection perhaps it would only be confusing.

    Here is the bullk of the letter. Derek has been missing just over 6 months.

    "Sunday August 3rd would have been my brother Derek's 32nd birthday.

    Tomorrow would have been a celebration with Derek, however my father & mother do not have their middle son to hug and love in person.

    What us KELLY'S do have is a very strong family that will raise up a beer and cheers to the heavens for my brothers laugh and strong spirit lives among us each and everyday.

    I will be celebrating the 31 & 1/2 years I had with D until he left for New Years Eve with her/him & them - to never been seen or heard from. She/he/they know what happened and where Derek is - their day will come as my faith in God is strong & I know justice will win out.

    My son, D's nephew will write his special message to his Uncle D on a birthday balloon and we will head down to the beach , attach our kisses with it, and let it float up in the clear sky , as heaven for my 8 year old is "up there" and my son knows Uncle D will get his Happy Birthday message along with the special kisses.

    Here's to my brother - DEREK KELLY - son, brother, uncle, grandson, brother-in-law, cousin and friend.


    His sister,
    I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it. Maya Angelou

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    Derek Kelly - Missing Person's Case Now Homicide


    Sunday, January 03, 2010 06:08 AM

    100Mile House, B.C. - The RCMP North District major Crime Unit confirm what was a missing person's case is now being investigated as a homicide. Police are seeking cooperation from reluctant witnesses in disappearance case of 31 year old Derek Kelly.

    Two years ago, 31 year old Derek Kelly was reported missing by his family in Langley on January 16, 2008. The inital investigation, confirmed that Kelly had traveled to the Interior BC area where he met with foul play on January 1st 2008.

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    Missing Bryan Braumberger from Burnaby, B.C. is on Facebook

    The reward amount has been increased to $30,000.00 in hopes that someone who may know something will come forward with information

    Bryan was last seen late Thursday night / early Friday morning of June 1, 2007 on Austin & Marmount Avenue in Coquitlam.

    more at link (above)
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    Thanks to Hazel for this link.

    Too Many Missing People in BC - http://wenswritings.wordpress.com/

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    - A 25-year-old mystery regarding the disappearance of a Vancouver man following a boating accident in Porty Moody's Sasamat Lake has finally been solved, the BC Coroners Service reports.

    Stefan Zahorujko's boat was found overturned in the lake on Jan. 5, 1987. The 65-year-old's fishing gear and personal effects were later discovered floating in the middle of the lake by rescue personnel.

    Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Coroners...#ixzz1mg5g1P6F

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    "The similarities that I have noticed with the Missing Young Men of BC:

    Healthy Good Looking Men

    All have gone missing and no one has seen anything, no sign of a struggle.

    No a trace of them has been found, no clothing, no wallets or identification

    Many of the men have gone missing late at night, quite often after the bar has closed

    Keeping in mind that there have been men that have gone missing that are older than 30 but look much younger"

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