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    NC - Alice Burgess, 28, Henderson, 29 Nov 1977

    Alice Burgess: A Family Walks With Ghosts
    NC WANTED Staff
    Posted: Jan. 9, 2008 11:27 a.m.
    Updated: Jan. 9, 2008 11:28 a.m.
    VANCE COUNTY Michael Burgess spent much of his teenage years at the cemetery, but no matter where he is, he walks among ghosts of his past.

    They loom large Ė his father, who died in prison, his sister Amanda, who died of cancer at 16, and his mother, who was brutally murdered when he was 9.

    He left Henderson at 17 and didnít look back. At some point, the town had become an emblem of everything he hated Ė chaos, loss and despair. But he goes back every so often because the town holds secrets, kept from him for 30 years.

    He wonders who his mother was. When he was 9, she was all he had. She was pretty and strong-willed, twice divorced and hard-working, he doesnít remember wanting anything when she was around. Then she was gone, and he wonders who killed her.

    He has plenty of people from which to choose Ė in the decades since she was killed suspects have come and gone and some have stayed around. Self-deprecating and broken, Michael admits he doesnít know what an arrest would solve for him. Heís so used to not knowing, he doesnít know what justice is, much less what it would change. But itís not about that, he says. Itís what his mom deserves.

    Continued: http://www.ncwanted.com/unsolved/story/2276583/

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    From February 2015:


    Alice Burgess left the house in Vance County that she shared with her three young children the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in 1977. She was going to meet a friend at a local bar.

    "She appeared to have a good time," said Teresa West of the State Bureau of Investigation. "She decided to leave around midnight, and another friend asked if Alice Burgess would drop her at her car. She agreed to do that"...

    A week later, her car was found abandoned on the outskirts of town, in a place known as Lover's Lane. Burgess' body was in the trunk.

    “It was a particularly gruesome murder,” said former investigator Joe Momier. “She had a number of wounds that went down even through the skull. I mean, you could tell that (she was) brutally beaten to death.”

    Authorities reportedly made an arrest in the case, but the person was acquitted at trial, according to WRAL.

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