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    Deputies Put Gator in Patrol Car

    Just another day in Florida

    PORT RICHEY — Joey Concepcion ran into his house Monday morning to wake up his son and get the videocamera.
    A nearly 8-foot-long alligator was outside their Regency Park home, whacking its massive head against the metal door of the screened-in pool as if trying to break in.
    For the next two hours, Concepcion, 43, and his 8-year-old son, Aaron, watched and recorded as deputies wrestled and finally subdued the gator.
    "It was hissing and throwing around," Concepcion said.
    It tore up a metal pole with a cable lasso on the end of it. It thrashed and made the deputies wait for it to tire out.
    Finally the gator was trapped and bound. The deputies put it in the back of a patrol car. Its tail stuck out the door.
    They drove to a gas station to meet a trapper, who will sell the animal for its meat and hide. Gators bigger than 5 feet cannot be set free.
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