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    Pensioner dies after microwaveable heat pack catches fire in bed

    An elderly widow has died after a microwaveable 'herbal pillow', used to keep her warm at night, caught fire while she was in bed.
    Grandmother Doreen Ghiloni, 82, died in hospital of a suspected heart attack after suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.
    The coroner's office is investigating the tragedy, which may have been caused by Mrs Ghiloni accidentally overheating the warming bag in the microwave.
    Her family have warned people using the increasingly popular 'comforters' to carefully follow the instructions when heating them up.

    More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...hes-sleep.html

    Poor she and poor family who have lost her. how sad she was given this pack to help her from being scalded by a hot water bottle.

    this microwaveable heat pack problem must be sorted! i have one and i take it to bed myself.

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    I love those packs, Floh. Especially in the winter. I even thought about making my own for Christmas gifts, but never have. How sad for family.

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    I use one of these too and have used the same one forever. I often heat it past the recommended time too and its always been ok athough mine is not the same as the one in the article but something similar. It seems nothing is safe anymore.

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    This is just the saddest part to me:
    Ironically, Mrs Ghiloni's relatives had given her the bag, made by Aroma Home UK, because they were concerned she might be scalded using a kettle to fill her old traditional hot water bottle.

    I know the one I have is filled with white rice...

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