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    Slow Computer

    My computer's response time seems to be very slow at times. Is there any free downloads that I can run to see what's wrong with it or anything that I can do to finetune it to help it run faster? TIA!

    P.S. I am afraid to download any of the "Free" ads that say that they will identify your problems and fix them unless someone can recommend it to me.

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    Hi nan, do you mean slow in general or slow on the internet?

    If you mean in general it may be because there are too many programs loaded in the background. This can happen when new programs are installed and they get automatically set up to run at system start up. Many of these programs will have a little icon in the system tray next to the clock when they're running. Any programs you don't need or only use occasionally should be switched off and not permitted to load at start up. Doing that should free up some system resources but make sure you don't switch off your anti-virus or firewall as you need them for safe internet use.

    Hope that helps.


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