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    Alerts to Moderators

    Alerts to Moderators:

    In the header of every post you will see this icon:

    If you read a post that you feel violates the Websleuths TOS or is objectionable in some other way, by clicking on this icon you will dispatch an email to the appropriate moderators. You will be given an opportunity to enter your comments, and the email that the moderators receive will contain your comments, a link to the thread, and a link to the post in question. This is the fastest and most efficient way to notify the staff of a potential problem.

    We appreciate alerts sincerely sent. However, abusing the alert system is a good way to get a one-way ticket out of Websleuths. The following actions, for instance, are abusive:

    --Alerting repeatedly on the same poster;

    --Demanding a specific outcome;

    --Threatening to look up staff member's home addresses and harass them if certain actions are not taken;

    --Alerting on the same post more than once

    These are examples, not a full list.

    If appropriate, one or more of us may contact you for more information or to say thanks. Most probably you will not hear from us - there are just too many to handle every one in the same manner as a social discourse.

    Contacting us and demanding information about how we are handling your alert is considered a Very Bad Idea.

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    We have set up a thread for you if you want to discuss this subject - thanks!

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