One of the most important proactive thing everyone can do is make sure that your own government officials are voting yes on this Act.

This will allow non profit groups who offer support in searching for missing adults grants in order to carry out their services, along with many other things.

The family of Kristen Modaferri and founders of NCMA along with NCRep. Sue Myrick have introduced this bill to Congress. It has not yet been approved. We need to make our voices heard very loudly in order for this all important bill to get approval in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Let's make our government work!!

Please go here to read the complete bill:

PLEASE....don't wait until it's too late to start *****ing....let's do it now!

This bill needs to get out of committee and on it's way to being enacted so that this cause we are all a part of can continue.

Go to this link and start leaving comments! Let's join with all of the others and get something done.