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    I'm here too. waiting and praying for Taylor and Skyla to receive the justice they deserve.
    ...and be sure your sin will find you out.


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    I know we have mentioned this on other threads, but does LE really every solve a crime in Oklahoma? This is pathetic....nothing in the news about this tragic story in months...those poor girls....

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    I'm here because I'm was born and raised an Okie. My elderly mom, along with the entire state and so many others, really wants/needs to see the monsters arrested....and in Okla, they will get the needle.

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    I haven't checked in here in a long time, but not one single day has gone by without me thinking of Skyla and Taylor and hoping for justice and some form of closure.

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    Someone Knows Somthing!

    Almost three years since thse two precious children were gunned down in broad daylight on a lonely country road. Two guns were used, indicating there may be two perps.

    Listen to this 911 call made by the grieving family, as they stumbled onto their murdered loved one's bodies. Listen to that grief, shock, heartache!

    Someone knows something. Please stop these family's nightmare and free your soul and repent. Call LE ASAP and help bring justice for Skyla and Taylor. Bring their families some long deserved closure and allow them to FINALLY find some peace.


    RIP sweet angels.

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