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    GA - Prisi Vasquez, 2, beaten to death, Lawrenceville, 2007

    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- The body of a 4-year-old girl, who has been dead for over a year, was found in the attic of a Gwinnett County home Friday. The girl’s father has been charged with her murder.

    Officials said they received a call Friday from a family member of the victim who said in April 2007, Amy Yesenia moved with her two children from their home on Stillwater Lane in Lawrenceville to Mexico. Yesenia and the family member recently talked on the phone and Yesenia stated one of her children had died of natural causes while the girl was living with them in Gwinnett County, according to the family member.
    more: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/16707395/detail.html

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    So people were living in the house with a body, and didn't notice the smell?? I'm confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazkat9696 View Post
    So people were living in the house with a body, and didn't notice the smell?? I'm confused.

    Acting on a tip from a family friend, Gwinnett County police found the body Friday in the attic at the home on the 700 block of Stillwater Lane in the Lawrenceville area.

    The current resident of the home, a man who is not affiliated with the family, was unaware of the child's body, which went undiscovered for more than a year.

    The man said he had noticed a foul odor, but thought it was coming from the garbage disposal or sewer pipes, police said.

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    From June 2015:


    Christian Vasquez was scheduled to stand trial this week, more than eight years after allegedly killing his 2-year-old daughter, hiding her body in the attic of his Gwinnett home and fleeing to Mexico. Proceedings, however, have been postponed — thanks to the arrest of his wife.

    Amy Yesenia Ruiz, 32, was arrested Monday and charged with felony murder in connection with the 2007 death of her and Vasquez’s 2-year-old daughter, Prisi. Ruiz has previously been arrested — and released — on child cruelty charges in the case but had never been charged with murder...

    Vasquez remained on the lam until July 2012, when Mexican law enforcement arrested him in the town of Puebla. He was extradited and booked into the Gwinnett County jail in early 2013.

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    Amy Yesina Ruiz starts 2016 out on bond in spite of a murder charge in the bizarre case of her 2-year-old daughter’s death...

    Records obtained by the Daily Post on Thursday show that Judge Warren Davis agreed to allow her freed — with an ankle monitor, curfew and other conditions — because her trial has been delayed multiple times.

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    Finally, nine years after police believe the child died, Prisi’s mother is on trial this week at the Gwinnett County courthouse. Amy Ruiz, slender and fresh-faced, is fighting charges of felony murder and cruelty to children.

    Ruiz’s father, Gucimendo Delao Ruiz, testified through an interpreter Wednesday morning about his experience through the ordeal, including hearing his daughter describe Prisi’s death and how she was “convulsing” and became unresponsive...

    Ruiz said he only found out what happened to Prisi after the next time his daughter called... She said she wanted to come home to Gwinnett, but mentioned that Prisi would be staying in Mexico. “I told her, ‘If you don’t come back with Prisi, I’m not going to help you,” the witness said. “She started crying and she hung up.”

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    Amy Ruiz cried. She cried almost non-stop for about an hour testifying under questioning by her attorney. After a break, as a prosecutor pressed her on what happened to her daughter, 2-year-old Prisi Vasquez, Ruiz cried more. She cried so hard she ended up doubled over in the chair, prompting the judge to call for a recess...

    Ruiz, 28, slender and soft-spoken on the stand, said she hadn’t called 911 back on Feb. 3, 2007, after returning home to find the child in medical distress. The mother was firm that she wanted to call and get help for the girl. She said her then-husband, Christian Vasquez, took her cell phone and threatened to kill her, her 3-year-old son and her young niece if she called 911.

    In other accounts, Ruiz didn’t mention that.

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    A Gwinnett County jury says a mother accused of helping hide her daughter's body has been found guilty on several counts.

    Ruiz was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, cruelty to children and concealing the death of a child -- but not murder.
    No word on sentencing yet.

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    Judge Warren Davis sentenced Ruiz to 11 years and seven months in prison, with 20 years of probation to follow, according to Channel 2.

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    From December 2016:


    A man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his two-year-old daughter in their Gwinnett County home and leaving her body in the attic while he and the rest of his family fled to Mexico.

    Christian Vasquez will serve life plus 70 years in the June 2008 death of Prisi Vasquez...

    During the trial, a doctor testified that Prisi died of blunt force trauma to her head.

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    Glad to see this person caught and sentenced.

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