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    NY - Tanya Rush, 39, Brooklyn, 23 June 2008

    A suitcase with a body inside was discovered near Bellmore, Long Island. This is new information and no other details are yet available.

    Here is the link:

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    This is a mishmash of outdated links and previews and pages that only show up in google cache but they all seem to agree that this is Tanya Rush.


    This mindless thread appears to have a quote from a news article referring to this case (same date) but there's no link. If the info is reliable New York State Dot workers made the discovery on the ramp to the Southern State Pkwy. at Exit 25 Newbridge Rd. in Bellmore Friday June 27, 2008

    Then there is this preview:

    Friends, family recall slain mom

    Published: June 29, 2008 8:00 PM
    By LAURA RIVERA laura.rivera@newsday.com

    Friends and family of a Brooklyn woman found dismembered in

    a suitcase near Southern State Parkway grieved over her brutal death yesterday

    and struggled to piece together clues that could lead to her killer.

    Tanya Rush was a mother of three who was well-known in the East New York

    projects where she lived most of her life, most recently sharing an apartment

    with a...

    Body Found Dumped In North Merrick On Parkway

    July 10, 2008 - For the second time in two weeks, a body was found dumped on the side of a road on the Southern State Parkway in the North Merrick area, police said yesterday.

    A "laundry-type bag" containing the badly decomposed body of an adult was found Wednesday night on the shoulder of the parkway west of Merrick Ave. in No. Merrick, State Police said. That was about a mile away, police said, from a parkway ramp at Newbridge Road in No. Bellmore where a suitcase was found on June 27 that contained the dismembered body of a Brooklyn woman. Investigators have not identified the latest victim but they suspect it is the body of a woman.
    The dismembered body found two weeks ago was eventually identified as Tanya Rush, 39, of East New York, Brooklyn, a mother of three. There have been no arrests in that case

    Human remains found off Southern State identified as Brooklyn w...

    Full story: Newsday
    The human remains found in a black suitcase off the Southern State Parkway have been identified as belonging to Tanya Rush of Brooklyn, the State Police said Sunday.
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    So we don't even know if she was found in a suitcase or a "laundry type bag"? Any word on whether Tanya was involved in high risk behavior (such as the escorts found on Long Island more recently)?
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    No, Tanya Rush was found in a suitcase according to everything that I found. The laundry type bag refers to another tragic discovery in the same area about a mile away that was made a couple of weeks later. I don't know what that story is.

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    ty for clarifying. Getting so used to bad reporting lately I assumed same case, different reporting.
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    Six years later, who dismembered Tanya Rush of Brooklyn and dumped her in North Bellmore remains a mystery that her family and state police need the public's help to solve. State police are offering up to a $2,500 reward leading to an arrest and conviction in the death of Rush, 39...

    "We handed out thousands of fliers." O'Sullivan recalled. "Do you know we never got one phone call? Not one. What does that say? Either it says the community doesn't care or the community doesn't know... Everybody we spoke to, once we gained their trust, there was outrage and shock and horror from some pretty hard-core guys on the street."

    More recently, investigators have checked into body-in-suitcase discoveries in Wisconsin, the torso in Bay Shore this month, the Gilgo Beach remains, and more in futile pursuit of answers for Rush.

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