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    OH - Kimya Rolison, 25, slain, body burned, Cincinnati, 22 Dec 2006


    Remains found. Coroner asking for the public's help in identifying...

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    "Owens added that the remains found on Pulte Street had been there between several months and two years."

    These could be potential matches but it seems like police are looking for someone killed between 2006-2008. All of the potential matches listed were from 2004 or 2002.

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    The first poster's link is outdated and there is little info in the thread beyond the name Pulte Street but I'm assuming it's this discovery:

    Skeletal Remains Found In North Fairmount
    Jesse L. Folk

    POSTED: 12:10 pm EDT June 14, 2008
    UPDATED: 2:43 pm EDT June 14, 2008

    CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati police said that someone found human skeletal remains Friday night.

    Officers said the find was made in a wooded area close to Pulte Street in North Fairmount.

    The Hamilton County coroner is examining the remains in an effort to determine how the person may have died.
    I think the victim is Kimya Rolison, killed by Anthony Kirkland, a serial killer. The street and the date of her remains being found match with the above.

    Her photo:

    Kirkland told Detective Bill Hilbert that he'd picked up Rolison, who struggled with drug addiction, in Avondale and paid her $40 for sex, but he became convinced she knew some men who attacked and robbed him later that same night in December 2006.

    "When we were sitting in the parking lot she was asking me why I didn't go to the hospital, and I was asking her who was those guys?" Kirkland told the detective.

    He said Rolison produced a small knife she was carrying, and Kirkland told the detective he took it from her and stabbed her in the jugular vein.

    "It was a lucky shot," Kirkland told the detective.

    After she bled to death in his van, Kirkland said he drove to the dead end of Pulte Street in North Fairmount, where he burned her body.

    Her skeletal remains weren't discovered for nearly 18 months and remained unidentified until Kirkland confessed to her slaying, shortly after confessing to the Crawford and Newton homicides.

    (in the sidebar on the right):
    • Kimya Rolison. Her remains were found June 13, 2008. Authorities believe she was killed Dec. 22, 2006. They say she and Kirkland were inside a van and arguing when Kirkland stabbed her in the neck with a knife.
    Kirkland was sentenced to death.

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    You are good Donjeta! Thank you so much for all your help with closing some of these out! You're doing an awesome job on finding info on some of these older cases! Thanks!

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