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    San Francisco Selling Its List of Married Gays

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - San Francisco, which ignited a passionate nationwide debate by allowing thousands of gays to marry earlier this year, is selling its list of the newlyweds, the mayor says.

    "They're public documents already and I think they're selling for cost," Mayor Gavin Newsom told Reuters in a short interview Monday at the opening home game of the San Francisco Giants. "What we had is the first few weeks is people going down by hand and writing them out. We said we'll put them together for you." The list will sell for $65.


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    Wait a minute...does that mean any city can sell a listing of public records? I realize they are public records, but that opens a whole host possibilities for scummy mailing list scammers. It's one thing for them to have to go copy the records themselves, but for the city itself to SELL them?
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    Why would they do that? Even though I know some counties have this info online and anyone can get it.

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    This has me baffled as well. What's the purpose in selling the list? Odd.
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