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    Headstone stolen

    Just how low can ya go??


    Natalie Finn
    Thu Jul 3, 3:27 PM ET

    Los Angeles (E! Online) - Ian Curtis wasn't around long but he left quite an impression.

    Someone has stolen the memorial gravestone that marks the late Joy Division singer's final resting place in a West England cemetery, British authorities said Thursday.

    Curtis, who was recently played by Sam Riley in the well-received biopic Control, hanged himself May, 18, 1980, at the age of 23, right before his band was about to embark on its first U.S. tour. The post-punk visionary's body was cremated in Macclesfield, where he grew up.

    The more than 20-year-old stone marking the spot where his ashes are buried is inscribed with "Ian Curtis, 18-5-80" and bears the signaturely gloomy sentiment, "Love Will Tear Us Apart, " the title of Joy Division's biggest song.

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    I loved Joy Division...and of course, New Order. I can't believe someone would steal his headstone.

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    Yes...me too! Actually if it weren't for Joy Division- I would never would have met my spouse of 9 years. Luckily, I was able to visit Macclesfield and got a 'rubbing' of the headstone. Oh, and my daughter's middle name is Joy...

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