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I hope the LE is, in fact, feeling positive about the outcome of this case. It has haunted me since it first broke right around Halloween a coupla years ago. I guess she's a young teacher in the South and I am as well. I sort of know the area around where she lives, for I have visited people around there before. Very very small town. I have always been suspicious that the local LE was going to cover it up forever.
Sariebell, I would confidently bet the outcome of this case on the fact that Chief Hancock is doing everything in his power to solve it. I have met him and I have a lot of respect for him. He is a good honest man IMO. The GBI are also working diligently to solve this case. Tara's case is in good hands with these two branches of law enforcement.

This is JMO but I feel that they know what happened, but they are needing to stack the deck clearly and without a shaddow of a doubt, so that the person (s) responsible for Tara's disappearance are put away for good. They have had almost 3 years of freedom, since they took Tara. I feel that this time of freedom for them is getting much shorter.

Maybe after all this time, they will begin to develope a false sense of security and tell someone else what they have done. And that person will have the conscience that the others just don't appear to have, and tell LE. That is my prayer, among many others for Tara and her case.