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    MT - Daniel Robbins, 17, for trying to kill jogger, Great Falls, 27 May 2003

    Daniel Robbins knew what he was doing when he drove his SUV onto a sidewalk and hit Patty Emanuel, nearly killing a woman he had never met.

    District Judge Kenneth Neill said no excuse could heal Emanuel's emotional and physical scars and sentenced the 17-year-old to 50 years in prison, with another 30 years suspended, totaling 80 years.

    "Mental health is no excuse for this act," Neill said. "He knew what he was doing.

    "This court is unable with the information it has before it to say this will not happen again."

    Not yet an adult, Robbins had no minimum sentence for his crime -- attempted deliberate homicide. Neill fell short of sentencing him to the maximum of 100 years.

    On Feb. 25, Robbins pleaded guilty to attempted deliberate homicide to avoid a trial.

    On Tuesday, he kept his head down throughout the sentencing, speaking once briefly to apologize to Emanuel.

    The stiff sentence followed testimony from police describing how Robbins twice pulled off the road to let other vehicles pass so he wouldn't get caught.

    When he saw the attractive woman, Robbins told a friend who was a passenger, that he would kill her to have sex with her body.

    Afterward Robbins described to police the rush of adrenaline when he drove up behind her on the curb.

    "Then I kind of swerved over and I could feel the tension building in the car," he said in the interview. "It was something I'd never experienced... It was like, look at what I'm capable of."

    Neill noted a class assignment where Robbins listed several New Year's resolutions.

    Among improving his grades, Robbins said he wanted to get a driver's license so he could do horrible things people read about in the papers. He also wanted to taste human flesh and to shoot someone on a hunting trip and say it was an accident.

    "The defendant made up his mind to run her down well in advance," Neill said. "It is a miracle that she survived."


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    This creep should have gotten the 100 year sentence. Being 17, he could be out in 25 or so years and still be young enough to kill someone. It appears he wanted to kill.
    Prayers for all murdered wives and children. My posts are my opinion only.

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    Another great tribute to our ever vigilant public school system. This sicko freakazoid writes these New Year's resolutions as a class assignment, maybe as early as December since resolutions are usually made before the new year begins. At the latest he writes this paper in January. This poor woman isn't hit until February 25, if I read that correctly. WHY didn't the school alert someone to the disturbing things about this boy before he ran down this woman?

    This reminds me of the Columbine tragedy in a way. (And the anniversary of that sad day is today.) Those kids made a movie of themselves walking in the halls of the school shooting classmates at random. Wasn't that just a hoot? Kids just being kids... the world is so violent... first amendment rights... and blah blah blah. Nevermind that the school and the police were getting regular warnings that these boys were planning something violent and awful.

    That school-made movie has to haunt them now... 15 dead people later.

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    Great Post Bab's..........

    I couldn't agree more Babs! What the hell type of School was this that this kid wasn't reported..........(now this is the important part)..........and THEN something done about him immediately.

    Let me tell you what happen's here in San Diego.....in one particular school where my daughter has taught for the last 5 years, and why she has just gotten a position at a new school where she actually interviewed the Principal.....and the V. principal! She has lots of seniority....

    The High School where she has been teaching has an administration that doesn't follow up on any complaints or reports by the teaching staff! They do nothing! What this mean's is that teacher's have no help whatsoever from Admistration which include's principals, and Vice principals.. It is administration, not teacher's who set the rules and penalities......and if they don't do something about problem kids.....there is nothing a teacher can do.

    Maybe this kid's English teacher has the same situation as my daughter did. His or Her principal.......maybe paid no attention to what the teachers reported either..........and what happen's is.........nothing is done .........
    ANd you're right....reminds me of Columbine too! That should NEVER have happened!


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    A Dahmer in the waiting if you ask me. Maybe he'll find the same "justice" that Dahmer found in prison?? One never knows!

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