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    IL - Des Plaines, Mark Allen Smith, 3+ female victims, IL, AR, Germany, 1966-1970


    Mark Allen Smith is the first known serial killer to strike in Des Plaines. He is not as well known as John Wayne Gacy, whose crimes on the Northwest Side of Chicago involving boys -- including a Des Plaines teenager -- made headlines in 1978.

    But Smith, who also grew up on Chicago's Northwest Side, brutally murdered at least seven women, said Des Plaines Police Deputy Chief Richard Rozkuszka.
    Smith killed at least three women in Germany while serving in the U.S. Army. He then killed Obie Faye Ash, of Cotter, Ark., on Dec. 3, 1969, in Mountain Home, Ark.; Jean Irene Bianchi, of McHenry, on Jan. 27, 1970, in McHenry County; and Bolyard, a 23-year-old Evanston resident, on Feb. 27, 1970, in Des Plaines. For these slayings he was sentenced to 500 years in prison, Rozkuszka said.
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    If the guy was sentenced to 500 years, why is he eligible for parole? Doesn't make sense.

    They should make each person on that parole board read that book that was written, 'Legally Sane.' I don't think there'd be a need for a parole hearing then!

    They definitely need to throw the key away on this one!



    Mark Smith was only 8 and in third grade at Edgebrook Public School when he tried to strangle a female classmate behind the building, according to the book. And when he was 9 he stabbed a 6-year-old playmate more than 20 times with a pen knife. The boy survived, and though Smith was sent to a psychiatrist, his actions were only a prelude of what was to come.

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    I sure hope they aren't seriously considering letting the monster out!

    It's just a hearing.....I'm sure they won't let him out.

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    Rest peacefully my love I'll forever miss you.

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