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    Mom Loses Kids After Sending Daughter To School W/ Swastika Drawn On Arm

    She shouldn't have done that...but she also shouldn't have had her kids taken away.
    There are so many beaten and hurt and molested kids out there who end up murdered because CFS does not do their job properly. Funny how they step up so quick in something like this.

    A Canadian woman who describes herself as a white nationalist lost custody of her children after sending her daughter to school twice with a swastika drawn on her arm, the CBC reported.
    The Winnipeg mother told the CBC she regrets redrawing the Nazi symbol after a teacher scrubbed it off. She is fighting the child welfare system to regain custody of her daughter, 7, and son, 2, who were removed from her home four months ago.
    "It was one of the stupidest things I've done in my life but it's no reason to take my kids," the unidentified woman told CBC News. She is currently allowed to see her kids for two hours a week.
    more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,380741,00.html

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    Sounds like Canada has the same issues with the government "rescuing" children that the USA has. WAY overstepping their bounds. I hope Canada has an ACLU type group that will go to bat for this racist mother. How ironic that would be.

    She does have the right to be racist, and to teach her children to be racist. What a jerk though.

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    That is insane!!!

    At least she knows what she did is wrong but she has severe mental issues and she needs therapy along with those kids.

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    I'm wondering if there isn't more to the story. Most CPS agencies have so much to do and so many children in foster care, that it is hard to believe they would take children for just this reason alone. Not impossible to believe, just hard.

    I have to agree that if this is the reason, then CPS's actions are unconstitutional, but because mom and the children are in Canada, that won't do much good, will it.

    I hope CPS comes to their senses and returns the kids. And I hope mom comes to her senses and realizes that being a "white nationalist" is nothing to brag about and only shows just how ignorant a person can be.


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    I sincerely believe there is more to this story.

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    There are women prostitutes who bring their clients home.
    There are families who are living in filth.
    There are women who use drugs the entire time they are pregnant.
    There are women who allow their boyfriends to abuse their children
    And, while they may be investigated or lose their children for a short period of time, they get them back.

    So, while I think this woman is a disgraceful pig for what she's done and what her views are, this is ridiculous.

    We've seen in the past people who dress their little tykes in full KKK uniforms and they don't lose their children.

    So, as wise Floh said, there's got to be more to this than meets the eye. At least I hope to Christ there is.

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    I really, really hope there's more to this story, but after a friend's recent brush with CPS I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't.

    I don't agree with her personal philosophy, but unless Canada is really different than the US in this way, she has a right to be an ignorant jerk.
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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